Milo. A kid who dreams. Sounds normal? Not when Milo begins to find himself in places he doesn't know how he's got to, they don't seem real, will he be able to cope? Or will he buckle under the weight of non-reality? Everything seems to be like a dream...


2. Sleep

Milo shut his bedroom door got into bed and turned off his light, closing his eyes, he already had visions of what his dream would be. He smiled, knowing it was going to be a good one.

The pillow was pushed down by the weight of Milo's head and the covers were moulded around him, half asleep Milo's eyes opened slightly and he noticed that his curtains were still open, with great reluctance he swung his legs out of bed and walked over to his window.

He stretched his hand out slowly and touched the curtain, apart from he didn't actually touch them, his hand went right through them, he pulled his hand back like a shot. The curtains seemed to turn to liquid and start melting before crumpling to the floor and disappearing into dust.

Milo rubbed his eyes to make sure he saw what he thought he saw, it was all correct. He stepped over to the door and, about to open it he had a feeling in his stomach that didn't fill him with confidence. Still he carried on and thrust the door open.

Nothing. He placed one foot on the landing, then the other one. Milo took a few steps forward and turned around, there was a black spot in the corner of his bedroom above his bed. It was growing larger and larger. In a matter of seconds half of his room was engulfed in the black flame.

Milo knew what this was, he knew now that he was in a dream, in a nightmare. He ran downstairs as fast as he could, what was the time? He went to the dining room and looked at the clock on the wall, the hands were spinning around like lightning.

The black flames had now taken all of the first floor and now were heading for the ground floor. For Milo. Milo knew that to survive this, he had to wake up. If he died in his nightmare, he would die in real life.

He had to wake up. Wake up, wake up, WAKE UP.

Milo woke with a start and fell off his bed, he did it, he woke up.


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