my only chef

my name is jay young,yes! im a girl i don't know why my parents name me that.. but it doesn't matter anymore,i am 20 years old
i am a chef in the restaurant of mr. styles...
well her full name is harry styles he is 23 years old
but i don't like her because he is so moody..
i only work for her restaurant because my dad have a brain cancer..
my mom died when i was 16 years old,she died in the car crash.
.i'm the only child that's why i am working so hard because i don't want my dad to leave me too..


4. your dad is dead

Jay's POV
it's already 6 pm and i'm here in the restaurant, thinking about the stupid meal that harry 
told me to make another one, i should think about the date with niall later , i should think about what i wear.. Urrgghh
"jay harry wants to talk to you" sandy the waitress, i just nodded and walk to harry's office..
i knock and hear a "come in" voice... i open the door, look straight to harry he is looking at her laptop with a serious face..

"what do you want" i ask "look at this" he said, i walk to the front of her desk he turn her laptop so that i can see, what he wants to show me
"all i can see is all your meetings in different countries" i said but when i saw another letter that say the boss should bring her chef with him... i just look shock, this can't be happening... "harry..-uh..uh what is the meaning of this?" 
i ask again turn her laptop to face her and point to the letter i read.. "well jay that is why i called you in here in my office, you have to come with me to all the meeting i have" harry said smiling, why is he smiling? is this kinda trick or something "jay this is serious i'm not joking" harry said, he just like he is reading my mind
"i can't harry" i said and sit in the chair in front of her desk, i want to come with her because i want to travell to another country but i can't leaved my dad in here i only have 5 more days to spend my time with my dad before he go away...
"why?" harry ask looking at me with worried face "it's just i can't okay" i said one tear escape in my eye i wipe it away before harry sees it

"jay, why are you crying, do you have a problem, you can tell me" harry said "nothing harry i'm okay, i don't have a problem" after when i say those words i can't help myself and started to cry....
"jay please tell me, what is goin on?" harry ask 
"harry i can't go with you because, my dad have a cancer, i can't leave him here while I'm with you in the other country and he only have 5 days in here in earth,

i only have 5 days to spend with my dad" i said crying bring my both hands in my face so that harry can't see my face while crying...
seconds later i feel a pare of big hand take my small hands i look at harry and he look at me with sad face...i lie my hand in my lap while harry wipe my face with a tissue.. 
"it's okay to cry, i understand you jay" harry said and sit beside me..
i look at him with curious look

"what do you mean you understand me?" i ask..
"jay my dad and my mom had a cancer when i was 20 years old... they both stop the chemo, mom and dad surrender because they taught if they will survive, it will come back so the doctor told me that i only have 1 week to spend my time with my dad and mom" harry said with tears in her eyes but he quickly wipe it away..
"i'm so sorry about your mom and your dad harry" i said and hug her..
"it's okay jay,  it's not your fault" harry said and hug me back...
we pulled away and look at each others eye and to my surprise i lean and kiss harry in the lips he look shock but he kiss me back too,
we move in sync and after a little make out.. we pulled away again...
"i'm sorry" i said look embarrass
"it's okay i like it" harry said with a smirk play on her face...
when harry about to kiss me again we heard a knock on the door, harry made a groan and walk to her desk and sit on her chair.. "come in" harry said, i look at him and smirk..
"i uhh excuse me mr. styles but, someone is looking for jay" sandy said looking at me..
"who is it" i said stood up.. " it's niall jay, he wants to talk to you, and i think it's important" sandy said..
  i didn't said goodbye to harry i just run out of her office and run to the front door of the restaurant, i know what is the problem, because when i visit dad yesterday he look pretty tired i didn't talk to her much because he always asleep... "niall what happen" i said when i approach her
"jay, i'm so sorry" niall said and hug me while niall and i started to cry..
"no niall it can't be." i said i can't stop crying... dad is my only family i don't want to lose her..
"jay your dad is dead" niall said..i pulled away "no dad is not dead, that was a lie niall, please tell me my dad is okay please" i said and sit on the floor outside of the restaurant..
and the moment harry walk outside with confuse look

"what happen" harry ask
mate jay's father is dead niall said to harry...
i can't help it, my dad is gone, i have no reason to stay in here in the earth...i stood up and run faster so that niall and harry can't catch me....

i want to be alone for a view is blurry from all the crying shit, and i didn't know what is the commotion now, i heard someone shouting at my name...
and i know that i will be with my dad in the heaven after it 
black came over to me...

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