my only chef

my name is jay young,yes! im a girl i don't know why my parents name me that.. but it doesn't matter anymore,i am 20 years old
i am a chef in the restaurant of mr. styles...
well her full name is harry styles he is 23 years old
but i don't like her because he is so moody..
i only work for her restaurant because my dad have a brain cancer..
my mom died when i was 16 years old,she died in the car crash.
.i'm the only child that's why i am working so hard because i don't want my dad to leave me too..


5. pretending

niall's pov

i don't know what i will do if jay didn't make it, we are now in the waiting room, and jay is in the emergency room.. i look at harry he is now sleeping, poor him he didn't eat or drink, he is super worried about jay, she hit her head very hard, while i wait for the nurse to come, i talk to my dad if he could give me a money so that i could pay for jay's funeral, i don't want jay pay for her dad's funeral because i now that she can't afford it, yes! i know where jay's working in harry's restaurant, it's kinda get me jealous because i know jay is spending her half time in harry's restaurant and of course they will talk or something..

before i continue my thoughts the nurse tap my shoulder "sir horan, ms young is okay now" the nurse said, i sigh of relief and my big smile came out to my face "yes!" i shouted and thank you to the nurse, i wake up harry, i can't help but smile "what's the problem?" harry said while rubbing her eyes "mate jay is okay now, we can visit her to her room now" i said excitedly "well we should go then" harry said excitedly too..

harry's pov

this is it, we are now in jay's room, i'm nervous and excited because i'm nervous because what if jay forgot about us and her mind vanished and he didn't know me or herself, and excited because i will see her beautiful face again... "okay, jay is asleep, and maybe she will wake up soon, don't be so loud, jay had a broken arm and about her head, yes she hit pretty hard but no damage lucky for her, and she will know the both of you if she wakes up" the doctor said, me and niall just nodded

jay's pov

"dad don't leave me, please i begged you" i said " i have to my baby girl, now close your eyes just count to three after it open your eyes" my dad said.. i close my eyes and count to three, i open it and my dad is gone, i started to cry, my dad is gone and i have no right to remember all the things i have in my mind and all the memories with my family.

i open my eyes, and it's right, my dad is gone. i started to cry and i remember the incident after i talk to niall about my dad, i sniffle and wipe my tears, i wish i can die and see my dad..i turn to my side and i see harry asleep, and i turn to my other side to see niall asleep too..

so i just need to pretend and maybe i will not remember anything and forget all about this, i touch their heads in my both hand and they both awake, first i turn to harry and he is just looking at me in shock face, so i turn to see niall, and he just stared at me too, "you're awake jay thank god" niall said, well here it is, "who are you?" i said, "who are we, jay don't you remember us?" harry said, i want to stop this pretending thing but, i just want to forget all my past, about my family and about my friends harry, niall and all the employees in the restaurant..

"i said who are you?" i ask again and pretend that i'm getting scared, "jay, i'm niall, and he is harry, we are your friends?" niall said taking my hands but i shrug so he can't touch me, i press the button in my side bed and the doctor came, "who are they?" i ask the doctor, he didn't talk to me and the doctor gesture harry and niall to leave the it's only me in the room, i started to cry..

harry's pov

"what's wrong with jay, you said she will remember everything" i said in angry tone.. "yeah because we test her and the result is no damage on her head" the doctor said.. "i didn't get this fucking thing, she didn't now us, what will we do about it?" niall said angry " you should tell her what is her past, lovelife, or any memorable moments she have" the doctor said, "what if after we tell her about that, and she didn't remember anything at all, what will we do?" i ask, "well, in that case, if she didn't remember anything at all, maybe it's a good thing if you help jay to make another memories that she can't forget" the doctor said, we just nodded..

this is fucking ridiculous i mumble..

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