Hi I'm jenny
Never really fit in
I been bullied but
Now, my life is fine
Then why did the feelings get worse?


2. chapter two

I was off sick a few weeks later, and I was texting my friends to see what was going in at school.


'Hiya, you feeling alright'

'Yh a lot better thanks!'

'So what's new?'


'Whats happened?'

'She was bitching about Olivia to us while Olivia wasn't around,'

'That bitch!'

'Yh I know, anyway so Lucy had a go at ema and put her in her place, Lucy was like ema shut the fuck up Olivia's not stupid or annoying like your saying, fuck off I don't want you around us!'

'Oh damn! Go Lucy!!'

'I know right lol. Yh so ema fucked iff and is hanging around with a load of year sevens'

'Haha, why is ema so horrible anyway?'

'Dont know but I'm glad she gone'

'Yeah same'

'Anyway iv got to go class is about to start'


I was also talking to poppy but the conversation was about the same thing, we ended up talking got ages but my phone was about to did so I said bye.

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