Hi I'm jenny
Never really fit in
I been bullied but
Now, my life is fine
Then why did the feelings get worse?


1. chapter one

"Jen, I wanna talk to you"

"Ok, yeah just one minute I need the toilet"


By now everyone else was outside with us while I could feel that ema was going to have a go at me for some stupid reason. She hates me and I don't know why? Iv never done anything bad to her?

I texted Ellie, she was with us outside before I left for the toilet.

'I can't be bothered tl with this! I know she's going it have a go at me'

She replied almost instantly

'Yeah me too!

I put my phone away in my pocket before any teachers could take it away.


After I got back from the toilet all the girl we sitting on the floor and a few guys, like Sadie's boyfriend. They'd talked while I was gone, a new it was about me. Of course it was.

"Ooh ema was bitching about you! She called you a black sheep ooohh" Matt said.

I was really confused I thought he was joking around.

The chat was obviously over so ariana and Ellie walked of with me, both telling me what had just happened. Matt was joking around, ema had just told all the girls what she thought of me while I was gone. She said how, I'm a freak I don't for in, that I'm a black sheep. She said it to Ellie too. Ema also had a problem with Ellie because she wasn't in out class but most of us got along well with her.

I was trying to stay strong, make it looked like I didn't care, I really did. I wanted to cry so bad.

Ellie and Ariana were getting angry because of ema was so Ellie decided to confront her, I refused to come. Instead I walked round school with Marisa.


When the bell went, I made my way back to form. I could stop thinking shot I what ema said about me. I was going to cry I could feel it, I was trying to hold it back. FUCK I was crying. One of the guys saw. Dan

"Oh no! Jen it's alright don't cry"

Form was over I walked out, ema was doing that thing were she looked at you and was all like I don't care you little bitch, and pretended not to notice.

Poppy saw, she tried to comfort me but I just wanted to be alone.

By the time we got into our next lesson, I had stopped crying. Sadie saw I was upset, she tried to help.

We had to get into partners and Sadie jumped at me, she knew this would give us a chance to talk.

I talked everything thing over with Sadie, she was trying to comfort me. It was working but only for a while.

I felt almost invisible the way every saw I was up set probably but no one did anything but Sadie, I felt empty and alone again. Ema still acting like a bitch and the others acting along without a care in the world.

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