Picture Perfect

He's a jock and she's a photographer.
This should workout fine. Right?

©Ziall_Is_Real copyright 2014


5. Sick


I don't wake up to my family yelling at each other trying to find their clothes but, instead coughing.


My family gets sick and for some reason I'm become the nurse. Stupid flu season.

"Honey can you go get *cough* our medicine. The doctor signed thug is on the kitchen table." I heard t mother's faint voice. "Ok." I'm going do you want anything!"

"Get chicken soup for all of us!" "I asked mum, Leo!"

I'm done with this! I slammed the door tired of them. I huffed and walked to the chemist.


There was a few sick people at the chemist but most of them were well looking people, guess their family is to weak to come. I fucking hate this place but I calmed down when it was y turn to get the medicine.

Walked up to the counter got the medicine and saw someone I really loved seeing.

"Hey Beautiful are you sick or something?" I flirted and is angry face became a light smile. "Getting my mum's medicine and don't call me beautiful, you must call me hot." I chuckled and so did she. Maybe I should ask her on a date? Do you want to go out with me?

"Yes?" "Huh?" What is she talking about. "You asked if I wanted to go on a date with you." She I dam bad habit of talking out loud. At least I got a date with her.

"Um. Why don't we go to Oliver Brown?"

Why Oliver Brown?! Maybe she isn't into sweets or a diet type girl! I'm so fucking stupid! Ahhhhhhh!

"Um," who is talking to me right now. "Hello Adam?" Oh shit. Act cool, natural and relaxed.

"Sup girl." Her face wen red of laughter, fixing myself up I asked her "Is everything alright? You face is red as a fire truck?"

"I'm fine… I'll love to go to Oliver Brown. I haven't had sweets in such a long time." "Really? I'll text you everything that will go on." I ran out of the place with medicine in one hand and stopping at the realisation of forgetting to get her number.

Walking back to see she her talking to some guy!

Next chapter: Anger or Jealousy

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