Picture Perfect

He's a jock and she's a photographer.
This should workout fine. Right?

©Ziall_Is_Real copyright 2014


4. I'm Sorry


I have been in this line for ten minutes and this office lady only finished two people. And all I've been hearing is "your name?" And "Detention in room 20."

I was going to scream. I heard someone buffing behind me. I turned my whole body to see who it was and I was shocked yet scared. I gulped my saliva and turned away a quick as possible.

Please don't remember me.

Please don't remember me.

That one sentence had some much hope in it, it would burst.

"Hey." Shit. "Hey Parkers." I bet he saw me stiffen, "yeah I remember who you are. Turn around, I'm not going to kill you." I didn't turn around like he asked but I did answer him.

"What? A-Are you going to slap me again." I whispered only Alex and I could hear. Is he pissed? Is he feeling guilty? God damn it, what is he feeling? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

"Look Jordan, Can I call you Jj or JP?" He sounded nervous. What's wrong with him? "I'm sory about slapping you, its just my sister and family. I know I'm a reckless person and may or may not have anger problems but… I'm rambling right Aren't I?"

"Yeah a little bit and I forgive you. We should always give someone a second chance. Hey you rambling made it my turn to get my slip."

I answered her questions and got a slip. I smiled the whole was back and blushed a little.


I had to work in the office to today and I still don't know who I'm working with. I let out a tired sigh. Someone tapped me on the shoulder and said "Jordan meet your partner today." Wow.

"Hello Parks." "Hi." "Really that's the welcome I get. I'm very hurt." "Have you actually ever had office duty?" "No. Why?" "Just asking it's going to be super fun?" I said sarcastically.


Alex groaned "I'm bored!" He said that every few minutes but it was kinda cute when his eyes lit up when he got a message. I didn't realise I was blushing from the thought of him. "What are you smile about Jordan?"

"Um… nothing important." Just you.

"I'm bored!" "I know you are. Stop saying it."

"Shhhhh. People are trying to learn." The office lady whispered-yelled. "Sorry Ms." Alex and I said in unison.

"Alex look on the bright side, we only have 1 more period." He gave me a 'seriously, shut it' face. He was the one saying I'm bored. Rude.


"3, 2, 1" Boom! You could he the kids roaring as the bell rung. I swear there was some teachers running out too. I walked out of school and saw a brown haired boy playing soccer. Of course his always playing soccer.

'Quack Quack Quack' oh. My mum's calling.

'Hey mum.'

'Hey baby. Can you get my medication at the chemist later?'

'Yeah sure I'm not busy. Anything else?'

'No thank you baby. I love you.'

'Love you too. Bye.'

I hung up and turned some music on iTube and started walking to the chemist.


When I got there, there was so many people coughing. "Alexis Adam." That last name is the same as Alex , nah a lot of people have the same last name.

"Thanks Mrs.Allen. Here the pay." Why is he everywhere I go. I took a glance at him and I saw those blue eyes and soft looking brown hair. He nearly noticed me look so I looked at the counter waiting for my mums to arrive.

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