Picture Perfect

He's a jock and she's a photographer.
This should workout fine. Right?

©Ziall_Is_Real copyright 2014


1. Fear In Her Eyes (Alex A)

You When ever I put :::: that will mean time skip. If you didn't notice already.

"Hey watch out!" I yelled when the ball was about to hit the girl with the camera. She crossed her hands over her face and it knocked over her camera.

I could only read her lip and it she said 'Fuck.' I ran up to her and was about to say sorry when I saw her on the break of tears. "Please I'll leave, just don't hurt me." She whispered in a shaky voice.

"Hey hey calm down I'm Alex Adams. You?"

"I'm uh Jordan Parks, why aren't you hitting me?" Why does she keep thinking I'm going to hurt her.

"Why do you always think I'm going to hurt you?" I asked in calming voice.

She never answered all she did was pick up her stuff. Before she could get out of my sight I grabbed her hand and looked into her eyes. Jordan's green eyes had so much fear in them I got scared myself.

"Jordan look at me right now." I said a little to demanding.

When she looked up a piece of her black hair fell on her face I used a finger and moved it away. I guess Toby noticed I was talking to her he aimed the ball at my for head. "Ow!" Turning to him I screamed

"What was that for asshole?!" He just shrugged. That idiot! Walking forward I heard a metal sound. Jordan's camera broken in pieces.

Darn I didn't think a ball could do that much damage.

"Leo you wanker you broke the girl's camera."

"Sorry bro why are you worrying about her anyways?" Toby asked curious. That was a good question, why was I worrying about a girl I didn't know.

Toby comes out of nowhere and says "Leo, Alex here is sixteen now he has found the meaning of vaginas." They bursted out laughing, that wasn't even funny.

"Can we just get home before Lisa and Alexa do? Do you want them to destroy our room again?" I said making 'again' sound a little longer.

"True. Alex?" Leo asked mixed with worry and curiosity. Humming in response Leo answered "Can you get me that girl from before's number?"

"Fuck no!"

"Come on man it's not that hard." Leo begged. "It isn't as easy as it seems. I don't even know where she is."


When we got home we all whispered "Dad." Our dad was the best chef that we've eaten from. "Dad I though you were still in Japan to learning how to make a posionous fish delicious." "I was but the chef I was going to visit was busy all month." You could hear the disappointment in his voice. I'm a little glad it got cancelled, I would of had to take care of Lisa and Alexa. At least I don't have mum's cooking.

"Give me my doll back you fucker!" How the hell does she know those words. Alexa must of taught her. Getting angry I walked into the living room and grabbed Lisa by the wrist but tight enough that she couldn't get away. "Lis your only 5 don't say words like that." I looked around for Alexa and saw Toby talking to her.

Lisa was still struggling to get out of my grip. I bend down to her side. "Beatle baby please pinky promise me, that you won't say the words Stupid head of there told you." I put my pinky out and she wrapped her's around mine.

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