End Up Here


2. Chapter One

It was another slow day in school. I slouched my shoulders and began walking over to my locker. Another day of a typically depressed Luke. I was opening my locker, when my mind was suddenly distracted by a girl. She had red hair, exactly the colour of a maraschino cherry, and pale blue eyes, just like the sky. And she stood next to me, her eyes scanning me, as she tried to configure her locker combination. She was obviously new.

 Suddenly, I had caught myself staring.

   "Haven't your parents taught you not to stare?" she spoke with a delicate American accent. I stared at her again, while she looked away with a smirk plastered on her pierced lips. She continued to put her belongings in the locker. "Well?" she said impatiently. "I guess." I said, stunned. "Thanks. Oh, I like your Cobain shirt, Luke." she smirked and walked away. What? How did she- Oh. My binder.


         I continued watching her convey her way through the halls, convulsing with obnoxious students.


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