Starry Nights

I'll be your Romeo and you my Juliet. We shall fly away from all the pain and all of the regret. When we look up at the starry night and see the sparkle of light in snow. we shall also see the glimpse of light through the stars all aglow. Trapped inside and locked around, finding a way out. The darkness will find a way, there is no doubt. But through all of the darkest days, the stars must sometime loose their gaze. Forever wandering through the starry night, wishing there was only a glimpse of light.


1. Falling

"What if I fall."

"Oh darling what if you fly. What are you so afraid of my dear?"

"I'm afraid of falling. Falling in love, and when we are done there is no one to catch me."

"I will catch you. If you let me. I can carry you away from the misery of life, while you be my Juliet, and me your Romeo. We will travel the starry night until the stars can shine no more and when my heart stops loving you, that is when I shall fade. But for now we will live, live to the fullest and love to the last. You will forever be safe in my arms where you will never encounter harm. Because I will catch you no matter what I have to do."

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