I used to always create a mumble and talk endlessly. Now, I have this movella with 2 other amazing movellians, to talk on and on without making any sense. Welcome to my thoughts.


21. Wuuuuuuut - Stormy

I just read my chapter "*yawn*" again. Wth was wrong with me. Ya know what. Fk grammar. (OMG... WTF IS WRONG WITH ME? ((I though about adding and your boyfriend to Fk grammar XDDDDDD))) Be a durp and fk grammur. yeeeeeeeeee~ wut. thats wat jordan says. o well. dis fk grammur thing ish fun. meow. *silently wishes "woof~ " would appear after it* sanik got off earli. he missed mah reaction chat ;n;. yea.. ive been doing <insert my real name here> reacts to... chats. they get very fun. they have gotten fun in another way to .3." . fun with rping and shiz. this damn brace is very sticky against my leg. gtfo my leg. brace. y u no listen ;3;. eh. its fine. back to teh durp shiz. o nu... ive cursed too much XD. thats y its rated Y. or whatever tf it is. i have saniks song, Marios Hashbrowm Twerk Herpes, stuck in mah lil head. there will be nu soundleh sleeping stormy tonight. ill throw a party on skype. with all of my friends. yeeeeeeeee~ ive dun it again XD. sorreh jordan ;3;. the more im around u too much. im starting to act like you o-o. SEEEEE? HE ALWAYS USES THAT FACE. I NEVER HAVE IN MAH WHOLE LIFE. caps rage ovah. im sorreh. maybe i should create a Stormy Reacts to... movella. yas. that would be fun. like other stoof ive done. and other other stoof ive done. o yeaa- i was a dolphin stranded on an island and sanik was afc amd i didnt want to fix the dolphin myself and i waited and waited and waited and when he finally got bak he said he was suprised i stayed for that long with a cute lil heart and i said im a lil bit stranded- come help meh, sanik <3 - i had nufn better to do than to wait for you <3 . ooooooohhh. long sentance. remember in the begnnin of this i mentioned i read over my *yawn* chapter agian? well...... i sorta kinda decided to use a long sentance again.  back to teh skype party. i am StormyCat468 and i want u all to add me saying its <insert your movellas name here> from movellas- lemme join your parteh :3 . thats exactaly wat i want u to do. im a lil bit lonely... jordan just got back from MI at 10:00 AM and he disappeared at 8:26 PM. there was a bad storm. very dark red stoof on the radar. GO. SHOO. STALKER. WHYT TF DO YOU CARE ABOUT MY RAMBLING? I HAVE A PARTY. PLZ JOIN ET :3 


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