I used to always create a mumble and talk endlessly. Now, I have this movella with 2 other amazing movellians, to talk on and on without making any sense. Welcome to my thoughts.


35. Update on Life - Part 1 - StormyCarToast


~Serious Stuff~

• SplashKittyArtist was hacked and her deviantART was deactivated #SaveSplash

• I'm more open with certian people I should be with

• I'm a lot more active on deviantART

• I'm looking into getting a fursuit

• Learning new things about people

• Loneliest weekend


~Commissions Avaible on deviantART~

• Colored Shaded Background 

• Colored Background 

• Background

• Colored

• Colored Shaded

• Pixel


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