I used to always create a mumble and talk endlessly. Now, I have this movella with 2 other amazing movellians, to talk on and on without making any sense. Welcome to my thoughts.


8. Thinking... hard - Stormy


See? Isn't that working hard?

Yeah... I need to get a life.

I wrote this peom in language arts last year:

Tomorrow is a day

where different colors

are hidden

I think it means something like... you have to continue looking but it will get hard

I have no idea, although I'm the one who wrote it.

I have some adoptables ready... its just my iPad camera cracked SOOOOO...

Agh. I can't see my keyboard.

*lowers laptop screen to have the light go on my keyboard*

Much better. Now, where were we...

Right. My poem. Do you like it?

I can't think of a meaning of it... I have ideas swarming around my head.

LYRICS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today, I have chosen the first little bit of Follow You by Au5.

Breathe me in

Into the light

Slowly heal

The darkness in my heart

I feel you now

A taste was all I needed

I feel your love

Loud and clear

To the end

If its you and me I'll follow you to the end

I'll follow you to the end

Yeah... look up Follow You - Au5 on YouTube. You'll find it.

Do any of you, fuffy or not, have anything to do with music?

I play the violin

A few of my friends are in chorus

A lot of my friends are in band

Jordan makes the best EDM ever... (If your reading this, I love ya .3.)

Pay no attention to that. Please.

I think I'm getting sick. It hurts a lot when I swallow anything.

Its been this way for a few days now.

Anna (Saddle) begged me to go to the doctor the last time I felt sick.

Jordan just suggested it. Although his roleplaying made him seem worried.


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