I used to always create a mumble and talk endlessly. Now, I have this movella with 2 other amazing movellians, to talk on and on without making any sense. Welcome to my thoughts.


16. Jealousy - Stormy

I really love VyrissTheVixen's style (although I don't how she uses a mouse) for her furrys. I also really love thedogzlife style for... her.. (?) eyes and shading. My art is horrible stuff compared to these two. So... rambling. Today I started watching The Walking Dead. Disgusting. The makeup people need a round of aplause *claps*. The zombies and dead bodies had hreat detail and stoof. I watched it around 11:15 PM with my room completely dark. Sitting in front of a window. Jordan would have been welcome to give me a giant roleplay hug from up there *points north* in northern Michigan. I didn't like sitting in front of my window... watching zombie stoof... at night... alone... so I went and watched MLP for a bit so I could sleep tonight. I wasn't planning in sleeping tonight so... yeah... lel. I'm done with this for the night.

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