I used to always create a mumble and talk endlessly. Now, I have this movella with 2 other amazing movellians, to talk on and on without making any sense. Welcome to my thoughts.


28. I'm a Meanie Butt - StormyCarToast :P

Right off that bat, fk grammar. now thats done. yesterday in orchestra, we had a sub. he let us pack up our instruments early. some kid from the grade below mine noticed my manga book. it was volume 6 of maximum ride. the one with angel eating a cookie. he was terrified of her,e and a friend found her the cutest lil thing. when he hid in the stand room from me and my friend, i let the book "look" from the side of the door, scaring the shit out of him. he ran out of the stand room, screaming. we walked after him. my friend went in front of him while i went behind him. he tried to turn around and run from my friend when he realized i was behind him. he made a complete circle- good job- and fell. when he put him binder on a table, i put the book next to it. when the bell rang, i took the book away from his binder. i was lmfao. i think we all were.

                                 ****NO ONE WAS HARMED****

                                               (Just scared)

in the end, we were all friends and watches james play five nights at freddys

           A little bit of help:

My friend: Taylor - Cellist

"He": Uh...... yeah. I forgot his nameIt started with and R so... R. - Cellist

James: Some... friend... I guess... of mine in my orchestra class. - Cellist

Me: Stormy - Violinist

Yeah... I'm the only violinist. THESE CELLO PEOPLE.



Wth heppened to the teacher?

She was sick. When she thought she was fine. she felt like she needed to throw up. As she was goinginto her bathroom, she broke her toe. She was here today, so she is fine. Yey. She is the best teacher, besides the art teacher.



Wth happened to the sub.?

He watched/listened to orchestech as we were running around. He was an idiot in the orchestra area. I'm glad we got to chase R around though. We weren't even told to stop XD

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