I used to always create a mumble and talk endlessly. Now, I have this movella with 2 other amazing movellians, to talk on and on without making any sense. Welcome to my thoughts.


39. Craziness Before 8AM ~ Five



Yesterday at breakfast ((at school)) I had this really important project that I was turning in early. It had beads on it, and I had worked on it the entire night before. I told all the boys, "I'm going to get breakfast, do not touch this or move this or anything."

They were like, "okay".

Of course one boy moved it.

My boyfriend, Devon, just about had a tantrum. He freaked.

He punched the guy and was cursing at him.

"Don't f***ing touch me, you b****!"

He ran out of the cafeteria crying. YOU DON'T KNOW HOW MUCH THAT HURT MY HEART.

The school didn't see him hit him and nobody at the table told, so he's not in trouble. But he could have been.

The lesson here: keep your cool.


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