G is For Ginger Genius - Torchwood/Doctor Who

My Names Rosamund. im wanted by the federal government for several reasons, even though i am indeed an adversary. My parents are buffoons, the most wanted idiots in the world, and im the organ grinder, watching them dance around like imbeciles. I'm a genius in fact, but my parents are to abusive and rude to give a care, so they use me against my will. i hated helping them. i was no longer a devil, i was going to be an angel. im going to be a Ginger Genius.


1. Welcome...

Nice to see you there reader, Hello! :)


My names Rosamund Campbell, and i am more then glad to share my very interesting, and very extensive story of how i ended up meeting the mad man whom is known as the Doctor , along with my encounter with Torchwood.


Now, all in all, i must say from experience, the journey looking back at all of it now does seem a bit odd, but as you'll get to know, my life is anything but normal.


my entire life consists of  the unordinary, but i have learned to cope with it and embrace it, helping sculpt myself into the person that i am now...


So, are you ready?














Good, Now lets begin...








Today, however usual and ordinary it seemed, did however end up being unlike anything i have ever experienced.



It all started like most of my days did.

with my headphones, a microphone and a computer.


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