G is For Ginger Genius - Torchwood/Doctor Who

My Names Rosamund. im wanted by the federal government for several reasons, even though i am indeed an adversary. My parents are buffoons, the most wanted idiots in the world, and im the organ grinder, watching them dance around like imbeciles. I'm a genius in fact, but my parents are to abusive and rude to give a care, so they use me against my will. i hated helping them. i was no longer a devil, i was going to be an angel. im going to be a Ginger Genius.


2. Welcome To My Domain

i hated my life.


My life hated me.

our relationship was..






I sighed, graoning loudly as i held my head in my hands as i lay on the brooken board that creaked under my feather light stepes.


with a click, i listened to my playkist on Youtube, sighing contently as i plugged in my headphones and tucked away the browser on the bar at the bottom of my scree, i could return to that later.


the buzzfeed alerted me of the message that was incoming.

"is it ready?" My mum asked, her cockney accent making me roll my eyes in disbelief.


"yes,mum."  ishged, typing in  a few codes.


"Good." and with a finishing buzz, she cut off my line.


i watched the out of the survelance camer, popping a potatoe chip in my mouth, the sof crunching grinding the chip to smithereens.

i sighed, shaking my head in distaste.

i grinned madly, my grin almost cheshire as i watched my mum and dad 'aatempt' to pull of a robbery.

Nowlet me tell you, im supried they ccan even pull one off in the first place, im even more stupifiedto know that they are the top 2 wanted persons.

they were involved in everything!

  A ponzy Scheme in New York,  a grave robbery in Egypt, they tried to steal the crown jewels which didnt end well, tired to steam the pyramids back when we were in Egypt, they were once able to sucsessfuly steal the Delcaration of independence, and return it without a single scratch.

this, along with many other contruibutions such as various burglaries, famous bank heists, along with several gruseom murders has attributed to there worldwide attention.They are currently competeing for an Inuit man whom tried to steal the moon, which , luckilly didnt happen.

Yeah, they are the ones with the bullseyes on there heads, not me.

I jumped as a sudden alarm blared inside, a dull thud shatering the 'silence' as i hit the floor.

With a quick rub of my sore head, i hopped back up and ran over to my computer.


"Well look what we have here, Hm?"  iasked,  rapidly pressing keys on the keyboard as my computer was searching for information on the visitors.


a quick buzz interupted me out of my thoguths as the anoying buzz shoutwed ratherloudly in my ear.

W"at is it Dad?" i asked, growling a bit.

"I THOUGHT YOU SAID YOU LOCKED IT!?" He shoute dinto my ears, the distan sound of footsteps echoing slightly into the tiny microphone that was hidden among his scruffy beard.

Ha, and i called this hobo dad!


"i did!" i shouted back , my best  of my acting skill perterbing him , and angry growl causing the feed to buzz a little.


"WELL YOU BETTER FIX IT!!" he souted, and with that, the buzzing stopped.


as soon as the information was scanned by my eyes , i quickly started hacking rapdly, odging firewalls and security checks with swift ease.


a small buzz  along with the flashing green light showed me that i was in the clear.

"Well , well , Well, Nice to finally meet you, Torchwood, i wasnt expecting any visitors." i said, the voice moudlator making the pitch almost lower, husky and baritone like someone i knew that i had lived near.

the American accent was quick to dial in.

"Wo are yoyu, and how did you geti into our feed?" he asked, his short sticatto breaths leading me to believe he was rushing, as i see a yellow dot runing, about to burs into the mian door.

i put 3 fingers up, coutning down before he kicked the dors down.

i heard a small grunt come from the microphone, a big bash causing a smrik to dance across my face.

"Now, Now, Mr. Harkness. That isnt a the way you treat someone. Especially if there for you, not against you." i said, getting a bit into character.


i grinned, my finger pushing lightly on the joystick, the main entrance camera swishing to the right, zooming in on the unaware Captain Jack , his face plae and surprised as he kept talking, an unweary and unsettling look crossing his face.


"I siad who are YOU!" he shoued, a bit of screeching cuasing me to scrunch my face in pain. before muttering.

"now now, Mr. Harkness i may not exactly have the most ideal eyes, but i do have ears, just like we all do."i sighed,

his face scvrucnhed in concentration, glancing around wearily.

"What are you talking about?" heasked, his eyes a bit wide in anticipation.


I chuckled , my breath light and wispy as i glanced around lounging .


"Look up , Mr. Harkness." i chuckled, watching as his face twisted, and then slowly glanced up , looking at the camera in disbelief.


"Hello Mr. Harkness." i purred, smiling maddly as he glanced up at the camera.


"How do you know about Torchwood?" he asked, his face glancing at the camera wearily.


"Oh, Jack, I have Sorurces, all of which are classified. and anyways. like i said, im here to help, nit hinder your quest.And besides, if you and Ianto go up the firsthallway, you turn right and Ianto turn right, rightn now you shopuld be able to apprehend Target #1. Unfortunatley, both of you will need a code at the security checkpoint. ill giveyou an arranged password in a moment."  isaid, typing rapidly, and with another buzzing, i was hack into Iantos earpiece.


"Hello Mr. Jones. Pleasure to be of youe aquaintance, blah blah blah, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.Anywayys..Im her-"

"How did you get on here?" he asked,a bit of anonoyance snapping into his usually somehwhat mysteriously  bubbly tone.

"Arent you a little Ball of Sunshine. Anyways,i was jsut contacting Jack, ill see if i can connect him and have him explain instead of me explaining all over again."

with a few clicks, and a second gren light, a short buzz came aboutt he feed.

"Jacko, Your on. say hi to Ianto." i said, smiling at my utter genius.

"wha? what ar-"

"Jack?" I anto asked, his voie a bit surprised.


"Ianto?" he asked.

"Yay! Happy reuninon, sunshine and rainbows and whatever you guys like, besides The Tardis, Mr. Harkness. Anywaysssssss.Im here to help you guys, a dJack if you could. please reitterate on what i just said, i would save you both alot of breath , and alot of loads of ammo." i sigh, crossing my arms over my chest, lsitening as they chatted about what i had said.


"Loook, time to get back to buisness. Ianto, go up , and at the end of the hall there should be a white door, next to it should be a keypad. 
Im going to set a rndsevous password so that you can get iyt without leaving a trace." i said, another bunch of typing, doding the occasional error.


"Jack , same thing for you, except your mirroring him, Now. Ianto , i want you to enter the code' Magic BBannanas, got it?" i asked, nmy voice sluightly rising at the end.

"Why Magic bananas?" he asked, i looked over to him staring at the door , eyeing it like it was a bomb.

"Exactly, no one would suspect it."  


"But why should we trust you?" i her Jackl butt in, him glancing at the camera with a ticked off face.


"Because Mr. Immortal, you have nothing else to go on. and Besides Toshj is.. out." i said, slowly drawing out the last bit of the sentence.

"How do you k-"

"I have my sources Mr. Jones." i rumbled into the microphone.

and with 2 aggrivated sighs, i hear 2 affirming clicks, the slight squeal of the old doors.

"wow, that was easy."  i hear Jack mumble.

"Thank, Harkness, ill make sure to set this earpiece to self destruct for you first." and with a few taps some fake alarm started buzzing in his ears.


"wahat did you do?!" He shoued, looking up at the camera angrilly as he tried to pry the earpiece out of his ears.

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 ....


i saw him try to shieled his head, cuaisng me to starty laughing, i giggle like crazy.

after a bit, the buzzing dyes down, and he slowly gets up off the floor, duting himself , and his badly damaged ego off.

"you should have seen your face! priceless!" i laughed, a tear of joy slipping out of my eye.

with ana annoyed huff, he takes a quick look left and right, makin sure that no one saw that.


"your never alone in the eyes of the law, Mr. Harkness." i hustified, glnacing at his image.



"Wait a second... Jack, is anyone else here with you? Gwen Maybe? Please tell me Gwen is here with you." i shouted, almost breaking the microphone.

"um.. n o.. not the last time i checked, why?" my eyes went distant, the sounds from the microphone outside chanting into my ears.


"then we have promblems...

Huge problems."  i said, partailly terrified.




"what a-"










But it was to late.








The voice rang out as a shiver of fear ran up my spine.












"Daleks, Jack. Its Daleks." i murmur.






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