Your Nothing

Sequel to Being His Sister. Read that first <--
Maddie thought being married to Harry Styles, life would have been easier since she did give her heart to the man that she loves. But after a child little did she know there will be bumps in the road. After what Maddie had witnessed will she ever let her daughter get near her father ever again? Or was Harry styles even the father to the loving daughter?


4. Regret

Maddie's p.ov

  What have I done? I'm stupid for going after Louis where I'm just thinking about Harry. I decided to take a walk in the park with Darcy. We picked up some ice cream and then she made it really awkward for me. "Mum?" She asked. "Yes Darcy?" I asked frightened a little. "Where's daddy?" She questioned. I never really told her what happened. Just what used to happen. "Darcy, daddy's with the band on tour." I lied. I hate this that I have to lie to my child.   "Then can we see him and one direction?" She asked with her green emerald eyes. "We will see" I say. She didn't bother answering just walked. My own daughter misses her father. As I walk down with Darcy I see my attorney. "Aha Mrs. Styles. I have the divorce papers for you and Mr. Styles." I looked at him with frightened eyes. "Duvorce?" Darcy said trying to pronounce it. "Um Darcy look it's Georga Rose go play with her" I said trying to get Darcy out of here. "Perfect place to meet me." I said with sarcasm. "Sorry here are the papers return them to me immediately so we can get the restraining order in place also. And would you like to keep Ms. Darcy?" He asked. I froze. "Of course!" I say without question. "If Mr. Styles wants her the only problem is we have to put her up for adoption. It's not good to have both parents fighting for her will so it's best if she doesn't have any of you as her parents. Is that clear? Well I must go." I was so devastated. I hid the papers in my bag and went to get Darcy. What will I say?

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