Your Nothing

Sequel to Being His Sister. Read that first <--
Maddie thought being married to Harry Styles, life would have been easier since she did give her heart to the man that she loves. But after a child little did she know there will be bumps in the road. After what Maddie had witnessed will she ever let her daughter get near her father ever again? Or was Harry styles even the father to the loving daughter?


1. Flashback

~That Night~ 

  Maddie's p.o.v  I kept rummaging through the beers as I found my way back home. I knew I shouldn't have done this. "Maddie wait up!" I hear a voice behind me. I don't dare to look behind me cause it's the demon who broke my heart. But I do anyways. "No Harry you wait up! I'm tired of waiting for you to catch up! Your not in this marriage with me! I have to put our kid to bed alone while she wakes up in the middle of night by your drunk voice! She's scared of you! And I am too! Your not being a real father and I just can't take the fact that your doing this behind my back without telling me! So we are officially over!" I keep walking without wasting another piece of my breathe. I hear sobs but I keep walking. He's not the only one broken. I finally found my house. As I walked up the door i slide my back down the door and cried into my hands. 

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