Your Nothing

Sequel to Being His Sister. Read that first <--
Maddie thought being married to Harry Styles, life would have been easier since she did give her heart to the man that she loves. But after a child little did she know there will be bumps in the road. After what Maddie had witnessed will she ever let her daughter get near her father ever again? Or was Harry styles even the father to the loving daughter?


6. Decisions

Maddie's p.o.v

 As me and Darcy walk back home I decided to leave what just happened behind. "Sweetie you want to see Paul?" I ask I needed a friend right now. She nodded her head and we walked down to his house. Paul was my best friend although I never mentioned him. It's good for Darcy and his son Danny to meet for the first time. And besides he knows what I'm going through since he had to make the same choices.  Me and Darcy got their faster than I thought and I felt bad for inviting myself to his own house. I rang the doorbell and I see Paul standing there in his sweats. His curls were messed up but in a cute way. Then little Danny was spotted behind his fathers leg. Danny was in a little tux with a purple tie and like his father the same curls. "Hey Maddie what brings you here?" Paul said with a welcoming smile. I gave him a frightened smile and he noticed my gesture. "Um Danny why don't you take this lovely girl up to your room" Paul said. Then Danny grabbed my hand. "Oh no Danny her" Paul pointing to Darcy. Darcy giggled a little and took Danny's hand.   "I need your help." I say. "Come inside." Paul said 

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