My Bucket List!!!

It's a bucket list. What more do you want? A coke can list?

Okay that one was bad.


1. The UTIMATE thing I want to do!!!

Okay, this one is long. You ready? Ehem...

Get a red car with the Union Jack on it (British flag) grow a moustache, buy a top hat, suit, monocle, and a cigar, take all of these things to America, drive around LA, with the British anthem blasting out from my Union Jack car, wearing my top hat, suit and monocle, cigar in my mouth, twirling my moustache in between driving, one hand out the car window, flipping people off in the most British way possible, with two fingers!!! And if anyone tries to look into my car, all they will see is a few friends in the back, wearing freaking bowler hats and suits, and they will be drinking tea and eating crumpets together whilst singing along to the anthem.

If you haven't guessed by now, I'm British...

Not trying to offend anyone, I'm just saying that if I had the chance to, I would NOT think twice.

If you have any suggestions to put into this list then let me know in the comments and I'll put them in with a reference to your name. And if you are British, and you would want to do this too, type Spiffing into that chat pweese!!! Thanks Nathaniel (Natty) for the idea!!!

~Dimples Xx

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