5SOS Imagines

I do not own any of these, I just find them on tumblr and I end up wanting to share with you(-:


1. Surprising Luke on Tour

~This ones by imagining5sos on tumblr ~

Surprising Luke on Tour

You drove home more excited than normal. It was the beginning of your two week vacation, but nobody knew about it except the few people you told. This was all part of a plan you created to surprise Luke on tour. You didn't even tell the rest of the boys because you knew they'd let it slip and Luke would know about the surprise. After you got home you practically ran to your room and began packing because your flight left early tomorrow morning. Later you got a text from Luke, "Wanna Skype?" he asked. You bit your lip slightly, you were still packing and you didn't want him to be suspicious of anything. "I'm not feeling well. I think I'm just gonna go to bed" you lied, putting a sad emoji to add more of an effect. "Hope you feel better babe...call me in the morning" he replied, adding a few sad emojis as well. After packing as much as you could think, you went to sleep early in order to catch your early flight. When you woke in the morning you couldn't be more excited. Quickly you drove to the airport and waited to get on your flight. Today Luke was supposed to have off so you called him while you were at the airport like you told him you would. "Yea, I'm just really not feeling well" you lied, "I've got a headache and a sore throat...I think I'm just gonna stay in today. Sorry if I don't talk to you for the rest of the day". You felt bad for lying to Luke but you wanted an excuse for not being able to text him while you were on the flight. "Wow I'm so sorry, babe. Maybe you should go to the doctors? I can call my mom to come over. I wish I were there" he said, sounding worried. "No!" you exclaimed, "No, I think I'll be alright. It's probably just a 24 hour thing, no big deal. I've gotta get going though, I took medicine and I'm sleepy" you said. "Are you sure you're alright?" Luke asked. "Yep, I'm sure. I love you babe, talk to you later" you said quickly before hanging up. Your flight was called and you excitedly walked to the gate. The flight was only a few hours and you couldn't contain how excited you were to see Luke. Once you finally touched down you grabbed your phone and opened a text to Luke. "To the boy who stole my heart and cared for me from the start, in order to surprise you I thought I'd try, meet me where you go to fly" you pressed send and prayed that he would understand. Ten minutes later you got a call from Luke "Y/N, what are you talking about? I'm on my way to the airport. What's going on?" he asked. "Just come to the main entrance" you said, not giving anymore hints. Within another 10 minutes you were standing in the front of the airport, waiting to see your tall blonde boyfriend. Soon enough you saw a black car door open and out came Luke. He stood there in shock when his eyes locked on you. You completely dropped your bags and ran to him, jumping up to wrap your legs around his middle while his arms held you. "What are you doing here? Are you kidding me? This can't be real" he rambled into your shoulder. "No, I planned this whole thing. I'm here for two weeks" you said as he set you back on the ground. His hands cupped your face as he kissed you passionately in front of all the other people walking by. "And I'm not sick" you said, giggling after pulling away. "Good, I was so worried! I almost wanted to call a doctor to go over to your house" he said, his arms now wrapped around you. "So, wanna get out of here?" Luke said jokingly, walking over to pick up your bags. "Yes!" you exclaimed, following him to the car he arrived in. "This is gonna be the best two weeks ever" Luke said, kissing your temple while his arm was around your waist while you walked

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