Amelia Pond's Ending

(For Doctor Who Fanfiction competition)
After Amy and Rory were ripped from the Doctor's side, he wanted nothing more than to go mope in the TARDIS. But the TARDIS had a different idea.
In her Afterword, Amy requested the Doctor go to her younger self and tell her stories to give her hope. But what if... what if the Doctor goes one step further and takes little Amelia Pond on an adventure?
This story contains a cooky Doctor, a young girl and an all new race of creatures called Buttermen. Are you ready for an adventure?



Hey everyone!

I did plan on having this all written and done by the Doctor Who comp deadline, but my college course said no hehe. 

But anyway, here's a list of what's to come:

* While partying with the Buttermen, the Doctor and Amelia fail to realise the TARDIS has been stolen by a race of aliens who hunt down the Buttermen for their flesh

* With the TARDIS, these aliens then make the connection and manage to find away into the Buttermen's safe haven 

* The Doctor and Amelia help to save them even though some get killed. They celebrate and, after locating the TARDIS, make their way home

* Amelia falls asleep on the TARDIS so the Doctor carries her into her room where he tells her the story of the Buttermen, kisses her forehead and then leaves.


Hope the judges like it :D

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