Amelia Pond's Ending

(For Doctor Who Fanfiction competition)
After Amy and Rory were ripped from the Doctor's side, he wanted nothing more than to go mope in the TARDIS. But the TARDIS had a different idea.
In her Afterword, Amy requested the Doctor go to her younger self and tell her stories to give her hope. But what if... what if the Doctor goes one step further and takes little Amelia Pond on an adventure?
This story contains a cooky Doctor, a young girl and an all new race of creatures called Buttermen. Are you ready for an adventure?




Amelia awoke with a start, waking right in the middle of a snore. Not ready to give up sleep, she rolled over and mashed her face in the pillow, mumbling about how mean it was of the world to deny its inhabitants of the most prized possession of all; more sleep.
Just as she was starting to drift off again, however, she felt herself seize up with the sudden realisation that she wasn’t in her bed. She was somewhere new.
Rolling over onto her back, Amelia felt her jaw drop as she took in her surroundings and quickly rubbed her eyes to check she wasn’t dreaming.
The whole room was an orange colour with lights scattered all around that pulses gently, almost reassuringly. As she slowly sat up, pushing down the blanket that was also a warm orange colour, she noticed that the floor was not in fact a proper floor, but metal grating.
The room was quite massive actually, fitting now only the bunk bed she was sleeping on, but five other bunk beds plus a fish tank filled with purple water that immediately reminded Amelia of a swamp. If there were any fish in there, they’d probably be dead by now.
Amelia knew that wherever she was, it wasn’t even close to home and she heart started to beat faster when the room made a groaning sound and shuddered. Or so it seemed.
The moment of panic truly hit Amelia, however, when, in the bunk bed across from hers, she noticed a figure that shifted ever so slightly.
Without a thought, she scrambled back under her blankets and silently began to pray to Santa. She was not ready to die. She had a whole future ahead of and so she knew, if she stayed hidden, the monster would not see her and she’d live to see another day.
But, of course, the world had different plans.
Stifling a scream, Amelia sucked in a breath when the other bunk bed screeched and jolted as whoever or whatever it was moved. She couldn’t be sure, but she thought she heard it yawn.
Things seemed to spiral from bad to worse for Amelia after that when there was a massive clunk of feet hitting the metal grating and the sound of footsteps.
Footsteps that were coming straight for her.
Amelia only had enough time to clench her eyelids tight and curl into a ball before her blanket was ripped from the bed.
And then, there was complete silence.
She waited for an attack to come, but there wasn’t one and she began to think that maybe no one was there at all.
Fear giving way to intuition now, Amelia slowly turned her head and opened her eyes.

The Doctor’s face just managed to peek over the top bunker bed and he was smiling widely, eyes bright and all. His hair, she noticed, was slightly ruffled and she realised that it was him in the other bed, not a monster. 
Now, knowing she was safe, she decided sleep could be important again.
“Why did you steal my blanket?” she grumbled. The Doctor simply kept on grinning.
“It’s time to get up. We’re going on an adventure!”
That peaked Amelia’s interest and she sat up slowly.
“An adventure? Where to?”
At just that moment, the room let off another shudder and groan and the Doctor rolled his eyes before tipping his head back and yelling,
“Yes, yes, we’re coming! Stop being so pushy!”
In that one second, Amelia decided the Doctor was a bit mad. She didn’t mind that much though. If he wanted to talk to a room, she wasn’t going to stop him. 
“Where am I?” she asked as she surveyed the room, this time taking in the rumbled sheets of the Doctor’s bunk.
“Oh Amelia,” The Doctor clapped his hands. “You are going to love this. Come on!”
He turned around as if to leave, but she reached out to tap his head.
“Wait. I can’t get down.”
What type of bunk bed didn’t have a ladder? She had to grip onto the Doctor as she wiggled off of it and he lowered her to the ground.
She had to let out a snort of laughter when she took in his appearance. He was no longer wearing a bowtie or those silly suspenders and jacket, but instead was now dressed in a striped pyjama set that reminded Amelia of her uncle.
She didn’t mind telling him as much and the Doctor frowned.
“That isn’t very nice. I’m nothing like your uncle.”
“How would you know? You’ve never even met him. Besides, if you’re going to dress like an uncle, you’re going to look like one.”
Eyebrows screwed up in a frown, the Doctor opened his mouth, but decided against it. Instead, he took her hand and pulled her towards the metal door.
“Come, come, Amelia Pond. Let’s get this adventure started.”
Clenching his hand back, Amelia sucked in a breath of anticipation as the door slowly swung open and she was pulled out the room by the very enthusiastic Doctor. 



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