100 Writing Prompts Challenge

This is a 100 writing prompts challenge to fulfill boredom, anyone wishing to snag up the idea and complete the challenge, GO FOR IT!! It involves 100 different words and a story about each is what I plan to do!
Here we go :)


7. 7th Word- Fish

We met at Seth's apartment early in the morning, loaded the car and left on our long trip to the lake for a day of fishing. Seth was going to teach me how to catch a fish... Or snag my line and fall in repeatedly. That's what ended up happening. We had a lovely trip there, the sunrise on our left, and the last stars leaving the sky on our right, it was magnificent. We arrived at the fishing hole at exactly eight to the greeting of birds flying around the sky. Other people were already here, either out on boats, searching the lake for the right spot, or asleep in tents, scattered around the campsites.

            Seth directed me to a parking spot and we unloaded the basket, esky and rods, preparing for our walk to 'Seth's secret spot'. He was very proud of this spot, he had been told about it by a friend he had recently made through work, a new apprentice baker, younger than Seth, but the boy's father and grandfather were experienced fishermen and the boy wanted to make an impression, hoping for bonus points, so he shared his 'secrets' with Seth.

            It had all worked out really well, Seth had taken the boy under his wing and was showing him how the patisserie worked, and I got a romantic day with Seth, involving a picnic, fishing and a dinner later with my parents, I was uber-excited to say the least.

            We began the slow hour long trek to the secret spot, which turned out to be incredibly secluded, even though it had its own little dock. It was in a small clearing, enough space for two or three people to sit with their gear and an energetic, genetically engineered tiger-wolf. We set down the gear, and Seth began the tedious task of teaching me how to setup my fishing rod, attach the bait and giving me tips and pointers on the way to hold and cast it. I tried to pay attention but I'm pretty sure I was lost. By the end of it I knew where to put the worm and that I had to put the hook bit in the water. Seth wasn't very impressed but he was hopeful that I would learn as the day progressed.

            I didn't. Seth had to reteach me every time my line was snagged, which was two or three times an hour, and eventually, by around lunch time, he gave up. Although he was happy with his own catch of three large cod, he was disappointed that I hadn't learnt or caught anything. I pulled the rug out of the basket and set up lunch while listening to Seth, sort of, as he critiqued me and continued telling me how to hold, cast and do other stuff with the fishing rod, I pretended to pay some attention, but eventually he caught on and rolled his eyes, joining me for lunch. Truffle soon appeared out of the trees from where he had been snoozing at the base of a mulberry bush, whining that he was hungry.

            After lunch Seth demanded that I have a couple more attempts at fishing, I grudgingly agreed, deciding to put in some effort because he was trying so hard. After two long, boring hours, my effort paid off and I caught a small carp, although this was after falling into the water for the third time, I was much too unsteady on my feet for most outdoor activities, but Seth was determined to teach me his love for everything outdoors, personally I preferred long days in the lab and at computers, studying, experimenting and writing reports, but I would try anything to keep my boyfriend happy.

            After catching the carp, Seth agreed that it was time to walk back to the car, so we could begin our drive and not be late for dinner with my parents. Seth had managed to catch five cod, but had put three back, along with my carp because they weren't big enough, he kept one to give to my dad for dinner sometime, and had kept the other upon my demands because I wanted to study it at the lab, he'd shuddered at that, apparently he wasn't entirely comfortable with the whole, dissect and study part, I wasn't sure why, a fish was from far the worst thing I had had to study...

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