100 Writing Prompts Challenge

This is a 100 writing prompts challenge to fulfill boredom, anyone wishing to snag up the idea and complete the challenge, GO FOR IT!! It involves 100 different words and a story about each is what I plan to do!
Here we go :)


6. 6th Word- Bread

I stepped out onto the front steps, Truffle at my feet, his leash attached to the flashy green collar around his neck, he was jumping about excitedly, bouncing around my legs, tail wagging feverishly. I laughed as I locked the door, Truffle absolutely loved Saturdays, it was bakery and butcher day, the day we walked around the city to the main street, full of different specialty shops, including Truffle's favourite.

            It took the people a little while to adjust to Truffle's presence, but after a year of seeing him by my side every day, whether it be in the car or walking down the street, most people had met him, and absolutely loved him, they thought it was an amazing accomplishment. And he had also attracted a lot of news reporters and tourists, coming to our city just to catch a glimpse of him, have a photo taken, and ask a whole lot of questions to quill their curiosity.

            We started our walk at a quick pace, an attempt to wear out Truffle as much as possible before we made it to the main street, I'd figured out if we took the first part at a run, he wasn't as over-excited and bouncy when we hit the main street, less likely to knock people over. He would be more calm and allowed into the butcher's for little off cuts and bones.

            We ran through streets and across roads and into a few parks, Truffle whining excitedly when he saw the main street, I laughed at him and picked the pace up to a sprint. Truffle straining against the leash, trying to pull me faster. I pushed myself as hard as I could, slowing a couple metres from the main street to a gentle jog, Truffle was panting and I was breathing heavily. I stopped beside the doggy bubbler at the edge of the park so Truffle could have a drink and pulled out my own water bottle, gulping over half of the one litre bottle.

            We walked slowly down the main street, looking at the windows of all the different shops, sweat dripping profusely off my skin, Truffle was panting contentedly, he was still very excited but calmer now, most of his energy released in the run. We wandered down the street, stopping occasionally so Truffle could receive pats from his admirers. A few people gave us disapproving sneers, there were still many people that disagreed with genetic modification, engineering and experiments, and were especially unhappy with successful genetic engineering of Truffle, my wolf and tiger hybrid.

            I ignored them, they only looked at us, never stopping to question us or talk at all. We stepped into the air-conditioned bakery. Many greeting were shouted from behind the glass counter, today was a Saturday, meaning that the counters were full of cakes, breads, rolls, cupcakes and many other assorted savoury and sweet delights. I waved back and asked how everyone was, they were all good as usual, but it was always polite to ask. The bakery's walls were a nice, light purple, the floor covered with creamy white tiles, the glass counters were over-flowing onto their tops as well with food, it was fairly early in the morning so the bakery had just opened. The aroma was beautiful, freshly baked bread and pies, it was a bit steamy but that was evaporating with the air-conditioning.

            I looked through what was on offer, picking out a loaf of bread, two sausage rolls, and a bright blue cupcake. I paid for my purchases and, after a polite chat with the employees inside, we left the bakery and stepped into the butcher's next door.

            We were greeted loudly again, by the butcher and his wife, they had just opened also, so all the meat was fresh, just cut and waiting for purchase. Truffle whined, breathing in deeply the smell of the meat. I talked to the butcher's wife while the butcher fed the off cuts and bones to Truffle, who was wagging his tail so fast that it was almost creating a natural disaster inside the butchery. Once Truffle was done receiving his treats and pats, I bought sausages, a kg of silverside, a roast beef and some steaks, I was having my parents over for dinner this week, so I had to make sure I was prepared and could show off the cooking skills that Seth had taught me.

            The next stop was across the road at the fruit and vegetable market, Truffle wasn't as popular there because one of the ladies was in extreme disagreement with genetic experiments, but she tolerated him because I always bought a lot of fruit and vegies, for a girl who lived alone, I ate a lot. Once I was finished shopping, I ensured all the bags were all secured in my hands and Truffle and I began our long walk home, stopping at the bakery for another loaf of bread, Seth and I were going fishing tomorrow and bread always made nice for bait not just sandwiches. 

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