The man behind the glasses

I'm the nerd that sits in the front of the class but people don't who i am behind my glasses.....


2. The Beginning

                                          *First Day Of School*

                                                       ~flash back~

I use to hang out with Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne(yeah my bullys) before my mother and father got divorced i know live my mother after that i had changed and started to act different so i would just stay up in my room stoped talking to people and became the nerd i am.

                                                     ~flash back ends~

"Hey Luis" Harry yelled out

I ignored him and continued to put my stuff in my locker

"Aye Luis I know you hear Harry talking to you" Zayn says

"Just leave me the fuck alone already" I say

Just when i was about to close my locker someone slamed it shut on me and punched me in my face when i got a good look at the person who punched me it was no other then Zayn Malik when i went to get up i was kicked in the ribs then blacked out

                                                       *In The Hospital*

I had a woken in the a hospital bed i was trying to remember why i was in here and then it all came back to me when the nurse walked in to check on me she noticed i had awkend and went back ou tto go get the doctor

"Mr.Tomlinson?" the doctor asked " Are you felling better"

"Yeah I was just trying to recap what just happened Dr." I say 

"We need to run some test to make sure nothing was damanged are broken"  the doctor explains to me" is that okay"

"Yeah its okay doctor" as i tell him hat he sends the nurse to go and get the things ready in another room




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