You're Beautiful, I'm Not.

A short story/prose/poem thing I wrote for someone who means a lot to me while I was on vacation.


2. ...I'm not.

You're beautiful... but I'm not.

I'm a mess. I could never get my thoughts together in correct sentences, which make me sound dumb.

I'm not.

I have uneven tan skin with a bunch of stretch marks, cellulite, and random marks that are either lighter or darker than my normal skin tone.

I'm not.

I have kinky, dry, rough, unmanageable shirt hair that gets easily damaged when I apply heat to it. I don't have stringy, straight, oily, manageable hair like you and all the pretty girls have.

I'm not.

I have thunder thighs and muscular arms.

I'm not.

I have basic brown eyes, a big mouth, a big nose and a big forehead.

I'm not.

I'm such a mediocre person. Every thing I do is mediocre.

I'm not.

I'm too aloof, outspoken, and realistic.

I feel like I'm not beautiful because I'm not what you like.

You like pretty girls that dress up, do their nails, and put on makeup. You like girls who have straight hair like you. You like skinny girls that are nice. You like girls that are almost perfect. Girls that are fragile. Girls with smaller lips, a straight nose, and clear eyes. I'm nothing like those girls. I will never compare.

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