The Daughter Of Gallifrey

At night I scream. But these aren't the ordinary screams. These screams are different. They're silent. And they're caused by memories with a man's name. What's his name you ask? The Doctor.


4. The Strange Men

Homes burn around me as I stare at him. My home burns as I watch him. The man. I walk around him as he stand still. Everything around me is frozen as I sadly stare at the remnant of my long gone home. I crouch next to a little girl, no more than 3. She stared around with a horrified expression. I see the dirt frozen in its flight when something has exploded. And I turned back to the Doctor.

"You," I said, my voice echoing. "This all has something to do with you. I see your face when I close my eyes. I dream of my only encounter with the infamous Doctor every night. The Time Warrior who hides behind a false name. You destroyed Gallifrey. I just know you had something to do with Gallifrey's fall. But why do I keep seeing you? You should be dead. You should have died with Gallifrey. But I don't think you did." A voice rang out from behind me.

"You're right," a man said. I turned to see 12 men standing, watching this man with such strange expressions. Bitterness, regret, guilt, hatred, despair. 

"Are you..?" I couldn't bring myself to say his name. The men nodded.

""We are the Doctor," said the white haired aged man in the front.

"You survived it?" I asked. "You survived the fall of Gallifrey?"

"We did," a man near the back responded. I could tell he was one of the later generations by his eyes. Big and sorrowful, and aged. It was strange to see an elderly Doctor with such young eyes, and a young Doctor with such old eyes.

"But why?" I asked. "Why do I keep seeing you? It's like, something's going to happen. And you're going to be involved." Before they could answer, a knocking sound rang out. One-two-three-four. One-two-three-four. One-two-three-four.

"What is that?" I asked, looking around. But before they could answer, I felt as if I were floating. My eyes opened, to see the white walls of my shared room. The knocking came again, and I realized someone was at the door. I lay in bed, trying to collect my thoughts as Jenny answered the door. I could hear their conversation from where I was laying.

"Hello, we're detectives from Scotland Yard, here to investigate the disappearance of your friend, Jimmy," a man said. "Code name the Doctor, this is Shoes and this is Clara. Tell me, what is your relationship with Jimmy?" That name sent a jolt through me. Doctor. Words hovered in my consciousness. My name was once the Doctor. But the privilege of that name has long since left me. After a few moment's thought, I shook it off. It's just a code name. Just a code name. I climbed out of bed and pulled on a worn hoodie. It hung loose on my frame, and the edge reached past my tiny shorts. I stepped into our living room to find Jenny talking with 2 men and a woman. She abruptly stopped as I approached, but I noticed she looked rather excited. We stood awkwardly for a moment, before the man with a bow tie decided to take action.

"Clara and I will question you, and Shoes can take Jenny," he said, pointing at me. The other man sent Bow Tie man a grateful look that confused me. Jenny and the man looked eager to talk. But, deciding not to question it, I went with Bow Tie and Clara into the bedroom.

"My name is the Doctor, and this is Clara. What is your relationship with Jimmy?" he asked.

"We've been friends since childhood," I said, sitting down on the bed. "We were in the same foster system and managed never to be separated. We moved out here, though, so we could go to college here. I don't have anyone but him and Jenny."

"Okay, next question," the Doctor said. "Do you have fish fingers and custard?"

"Doctor!" Clara said sharply. "Do you have any photos of Jimmy?"

"It's alright," I said. I crossed the room the the closet and retrieved a binder full of photographs. "You take a look while I go make us some tea." I handed the album to Clara and left the room.

Shoes and Jenny were excitedly conversing, so I snuck around them into the kitchen. After putting the kettle on, I leaned against the counter to wait for it. But the kettle was forgotten when a shout came from the bedroom.


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