The Daughter Of Gallifrey

At night I scream. But these aren't the ordinary screams. These screams are different. They're silent. And they're caused by memories with a man's name. What's his name you ask? The Doctor.


6. Revelation

"I-wha-you-but," Jenny stuttered. I calmly waited for her to form words.

"What the hell just happened?!" Jenny finally demanded. I stood up.

"It's still me, Jenny," I tried to tell her, but she refused to listen.

"What did you do with Dawn?!" she shouted at me.

"We don't have time, we've got to get out of here!" Shoes said, grabbing Jenny's arm. They all ran, until we reached a blue box. The Doctor, seeing my confusion, grabbed my arm.

"It's the Tardis, just get in," he said. I hurried through the door, and was shocked to see a huge room in front of me. I spun in a circle, looking at it, before looking at the Doctor.

"I knew you took a Tardis, but I didn't know you took a type 40," I said. "She's ancient!"

"Hey, hey ,hey!" the Doctor said, patting the console. "She can hear you."

"I want an explanation," Jenny demanded. "I grew up with you, and you never told me you're a.... a...."

"Jenny, if you shut up a moment, I will explain," I said impatiently. I guess I no longer have any patience. Interesting. Jenny finally piped down, glaring at me.

"My name isn't really Dawn," I started. "It's Draitha. I'm a Timelord. I lived on Gallifrey for 7 years, until it was destroyed. My mother got me out before it blew up, and I crash landed on Earth. I've been here since 1618, and this is my 8th regeneration. Now, my turn. Why did you call the Doctor your dad?" At that, Jenny opened her mouth and closed it several times.

"Well, technically Jenny's my daughter," Shoes said. "A progenation. They made her in a war against the Hath. I thought she was dead, but apparently not."

"Regeneration, dear old dad," she said. They smiled happily at each other, before the Doctor interrupted.

"But, why are you here?" he asked. "You should be on Gallifrey." I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Gallifrey was destroyed," I told him, a bit spitefully. "You of all people should know that. You destroyed it."

"Well, that's the thing," the Doctor said. "We've been together before. And when we were, we saved Gallifrey. We put it some where safe." My eyes went wide.

"Gallifrey's still out there?" I gasped. Shoes and the Doctor nodded. "There must have been a blind spot right before you moved Gallifrey, and the shuttle I was in made it out without the Daleks seeing me."

"Yes, but there's another problem," Clara said, finally speaking. We all turned to look at her. "Why are we here? Last time the two of you were together, it was so you could save Gallifrey. So why are you together now? What are you supposed to do?"

"I don't know, but I think it has something to do with the Silence and the Weeping Angels following us," Shoes said. "I think it was just a coincidence, and they heard we were in the neighborhood and decided to score Tardises."

"But why'd it kill me?" I asked. "Why not send me back in time?"

"Maybe they knew your secret, and thought another Timelord was too dangerous to have around," the Doctor said gravely as he began pulling levers and pushing buttons. The Tardis shook until we landed.

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