The Daughter Of Gallifrey

At night I scream. But these aren't the ordinary screams. These screams are different. They're silent. And they're caused by memories with a man's name. What's his name you ask? The Doctor.


2. Jim's Gone

As I prepared myself for the day, I pondered last night's nightmare. It wasn't the first time those memories came back to haunt me. I've viewed my planet's destruction through my seven year old eyes many times. And I thought back of the Doctor, or, as I know call him, the Warrior, as I scrubbed my face. And again, I got that wistful hope that maybe he survived, but immediately shook it off. I didn't even know how I had survived it, so how on Earth could I expect anyone else to survive? As I brushed my teeth, I reached down to a ring hanging on a chain, hidden beneath the blue folds of my dress. It was the ring my family gave me, a reward for deciding to go to the Academy. I had just started, when the Time War began. 

A knock at the door jarred me from my thoughts.

"Are you done yet?" Jenny called through the white painted wood. I quickly unlocked the door and stepped out so she could use it. Today was our first day at the Kingston University. I was in the Arts program, while Jenny was in the Astronomy program. Jim, who was a close friend of ours, was in the Engineering program. The three of us have been close since we were children, and managed to stick together despite the ruthlessness of the foster program. None of us were adopted, but I actually managed to stay with a family for five years. It was a record for the three of us. Needless to say, I've never had a real family, besides Jenny and Jim. And I've lived six lives here on Earth. I crash landed here in 1618. My first life, I lived until I was eighty before regenerating. My next life, I wasn't so lucky. I died when I was fifteen from being out in the cold. I had lived on the streets during that time. My next generation, I died at twenty one. Food poisoning. The next couple of generations, I managed til eighty, but then died at eight from drowning. And now here I am. Living in the 21 century, ready to go to college. Jenny came out, dressed and ready, and with that done, we headed to the Tube after dragging Jim away from the custard. We made it to the huge white building before going our separate ways. Finally, after much walking through the white halls, I found the Arts & Design class. I settled down in my seat, ready to learn, when something caught my eye. A small angel statue on my desk seemed to have moved places. When I entered the room, I could have sworn it was covering its eyes. Now, the hands were just below its face, and it had a smile on. I felt like it was looking at me, but dismissed that thought as the teacher entered the room. I concentrated on the woman's words as she began her class.


"Now, don't forget your homework, and make sure you remember the rule I said," Mrs. Williams, my English teacher said as the last bell rang. Last class of the day, and I was tired as I put my things away and made my way from the room. I waited in front of the school for Jenny and Jim, but when Jenny approached me without Jim, I was surprised.

"Where's Jim?" I asked when she reached me. She shrugged.

"Don't know," she said as we headed to the tube. "The teacher said he left the class when I got there."

"Must have gone to Ricky's house," I said. "Or maybe Verity's. I'll drop by later today." We plopped down on the seats in the Tube, and I began a book I needed to read in my English class. I had made it a bit way's in when we reached our stop. Once I was out, I headed to Verity's house, a friend of ours. Upon reaching the door, I let myself in, knowing she won't mind.

"Verity?" I called as I make my way through the clean house. The white carpet was neatly vacuumed and the blue walls freshly painted. I called her name once more.

"Up here!" came a call from up the white wood stairs. I clomped up them and saw Verity's attic trap door open. I climbed the ladder to find a dust streaked Verity pushing a box.

"Hello, Dawn," she said. "Could you help me get these boxes downstairs? I'm cleaning the attic our and turning it into a lounge."

"Sure," I agreed, dropping my bag on the floor and picking up a box. "Have you seen Jim lately?" As I made my way down the ladder, Verity shook her head. 

"Haven't seen him all day," she said. She picked up another box and climbed down after me. "Isn't he with you?" I shook my head. "Just put the box outside, and I'll make us some tea."

"Thanks, but I've got to go," I apologized. "Too much homework. I'll just grab my bag and be on my way." Verity nodded and headed to the kitchen as I hurried back up to the dirty attic. However, when I swung my bag over my shoulder, it knocked a box over. I hurriedly scrambled to pick the objects up, hoping none were broken. When I picked up a leather book, it fell to a page in my hands, and a word jumped out at me. Doctor. I quickly opened the book wider, trying to read the scribbled handwriting. Ink pictures were hand drawn in random places, and one stood out to me. My breath was knocked away. A Dalek saucer. Space ships that the Daleks used in the time war. I hadn't seen one of those in almost 400 years. Hearing footsteps behind me, I quickly shoved the book into my bag, and pushed the box away.

"You alright?" Verity asked me. "You look like you've seen a ghost." Just about, I thought grimly, but put a smile on.

"I accidentally knocked over a box," I told her, giving her an apologetic smile. "I better get going and see if Jim made it to the apartment." Without another word, I rushed out of the house. I know she'll be asking questions later, but at the moment, I didn't care. I hurried to the apartment, and ran into Jenny.

"Is Jim with you?" she asked, and the worry was evident in her voice. I shook my head. "He's not with any of his friends. No one's seen him since he left his class." 

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