Teenage Posts Extravaganza +Random Things

Teenage posts that I thought were cute and funny. NOTE: Some are not mine!!!!! They came from Tumblr, but some will be original.
Also things that will be featured is video of the day, authors and books of the week:)


10. Posts: 76-85

76. That awkward moment when someone says "brb" and never comes back.

77. A guy's sleepy voice make me weak.

78. Oh I have a thing tomorrow? guess I'll go to bed at 2 AM instead of 3 AM

79. People need to realize that there are days when you're not in the mood to talk or interact with anyone. 

80. Whenever you see a hot person you act like you don't notice them meanwhile you are screaming inside. 

81. No mom, do not ask that relative if they want to talk to me next on the phone. 

82. How do you get a stranger in public to fall in love with you? 

83. It makes me so uncomfortable when people swear at their parents like I would get a straight up beaten  if I told my mom to shut the f*ck up. 

84. I want to be surrounded by people that get excited about the sane things as me. 

85. I don't wanna go to school, I wanna go to concerts and date band members

86. I bet our entire universe is just in a tiny glass jar placed neatly on a shelf in an alien child's room as a science project, he got a C- on. 

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