Teenage Posts Extravaganza +Random Things

Teenage posts that I thought were cute and funny. NOTE: Some are not mine!!!!! They came from Tumblr, but some will be original.
Also things that will be featured is video of the day, authors and books of the week:)


3. Posts: 11-19

11. Do you ever bring your pet up to a mirror and you're just like "that is you"

12. The real problem of reality is 'There's no background music'

13. Turning off the downstairs light and running upstairs, so no one kills you.

14. Trying to act natural around cops, even when you did nothing wrong.

15. Waking up from a great dream, and trying to fall back asleep so you can continue the dream.

16. That awkward moment when you walk out of a store and the alarm beeps, even though you didn't steal anything.

17. Getting paranoid when my test answers are B,C,D,C,A,A,A,A,A

18. That annoying moment when you have to keep removing your headphones because someone keeps talking to you.

19. Trying to be serious with your best friend.

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