Teenage Posts Extravaganza +Random Things

Teenage posts that I thought were cute and funny. NOTE: Some are not mine!!!!! They came from Tumblr, but some will be original.
Also things that will be featured is video of the day, authors and books of the week:)


2. Posts: 1-10

1. "I really want to be in a movie but on the other hand, I'd probably make them delete every scene because I looked bad."

2. 2015 is only 4 months away, just let that sink in.

3. Girls can't find their wallets, shoes, or car keys but we sure as hell can remember something you said eight months ago.

4. Do you ever take a good pic of yourself and use it for everything and then look at it one day and you're like omg this is actually the worst picture ever.

5. You're going to regret not dating me after I get hot.

6. Have you ever met someone who like the same stuff as you but they're not obsessed enough.

7. *washes faces* *checks if acne is still there* 

8. "If outfit repeating is a crime I would be sentenced to life without parole.

9. 'Its just baby fat" I tell myself until I'm 50

10. Doctor: Okay so what's wrong, how are you feeling? Me: *Looks at mom waiting for her to explain*


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