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Tabitha Lyght, a young Army Reservist finds herself mutated into a lightning elemental Metahuman all thanks to a military experiment gone wrong. She seeks revenge on the one responsible but finds that there may be something to this superhero thing! *A Justice League/Marvel fanfic; more DC than Marvel however* *Rated Yellow for language (just to be on the safe side...)* *I do not own any DC or Marvel character and/or setting nor do I make any monetary value from the writing of this story. Dialogue taken from elsewhere will be footnoted. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, is unintentional and purely coincidental.*


23. Divided- Part 2

As Tabitha reached the control room, she slightly glared at Helena but then softened her look. The woman was only protecting her love interest; Tabitha knew that she would have done the same for the Martian. She sighed as Helena looked at her.

“He wants to see you…” she announced. Helena nodded but then looked at J’onn, who could only nod his approval. As she left, he looked at Tabitha.

“What did you find out?” he asked and she told him everything that Question had told her. Just when she was about to tell him about the clone, Clark materialized on the teleportation pads, carrying a man who donned a bluish-silver suit with red gloves and boots. A white with a red outline starburst was placed in the middle of his chest.

“What is this; new members’ day…?”

“That is Captain Atom… and seeing that he is made entirely of nuclear energy… there isn’t too much that can hurt him…” he immediately approached the two, “What happened?”

“He was ordered to stop me…” was all that Clark said as he made his way to the infirmary, leaving the two to watch him. Tabitha quickly drew her attention to J’onn.

“I don’t like this. What we gonna do about this whole Cadmus thing?”

“There’s nothing we can do…”

“… What…? They’re attacking League members! They already kidnapped one; they’re pitting us against each other and they’ve cloned Kara!” his eyes widened at that bit of information, “But, we’re gonna sit here and do nothing?!”

“What do you propose, Tabitha? Go down to Earth and initiate the war with the government?”

“You were quick to threaten Luthor and Tala…” she narrowed her eyes at the Martian. He sighed heavily.

“With Tala, I had a lapse of judgment… and you know full well why I won’t recant what I said to Luthor… as well as stay true to my word. This is different. Cadmus wants us to retaliate; they want the rest of the world to hate us. We allow justice to prevail; we do not take matters into our own hands…” he tried to explain.

“Seems like a lot of folks are tryna take matters into their hands, though…”

“Which isn’t right. We investigate, we make our findings known to the public; that is it. Unless the threat is something that only we can handle, the rest is up to the right authorities.” he looked at her. She sighed out her frustrations however she knew that he was right. He grabbed her tenderly by the shoulders, “I assure you that this will be monitored carefully.” the Martian tried to reassure. Tabitha was about to nod her head until she noticed Clark and Kara storming up towards the two. Tabitha had to admit that she admired that the woman made her outfit in homage to Clark’s; a white cropped short sleeved shirt donning the same S emblem and a plain blue skirt. Her red cape stopped at the middle of her back. Her blues eyes almost radiated with anger.

“J’onn, we’re enlisting Tabitha to go down to Earth…” Clark demanded.

“I will have to shoot that idea down.” the Martian matched the Kryptonian’s tone, “In fact, it is not a good idea to go after Cadmus.”

“… What? I know Tabitha told you what they’ve done…”

“Yes. But, that doesn’t give any of us the right to take things into our own hands. We uphold the law. Cadmus may very well be a legitimate organization.”

“What type of legitimate place harasses Justice League members?!” Clark glared. Fear danced in Tabitha’s eyes as the two glared at each other. She questioned if what she was told by the future Ramil still held true; that Clark and J’onn would get into a heated argument, causing J’onn and herself, along with a few others to leave the Justice League. She had to slightly agree with Question; things were starting to unfold and be put in place for the civil war. Of course, she didn’t want that to happen; not only did she enjoy being a Justice League member and adored every member, she feared for the Lindseys’ lives, “Tabitha, you’ve dealt with Luthor; what do you think?” he looked at her. She bit her lip and slightly looked away.

“I think that… that if we put the law in our own hands… folks down on Earth are gonna get more nervous about us…”

“She has a valid point…” Green Arrow chimed in; by then, several more members gathered around the four, “I’m one of the rare ones without any superpowers and you know what? You guys scare me…”[1]

“See? And he’s in the League with us! Look; I don’t like this one bit. But marching down there like a bunch of powered up bullies ain’t gonna look right…”

“So, what do we do? Just sit here and take it?” Kara asked. Tabitha glanced at J’onn and then back at everyone else.

“We don’t do nothing. They want to start a war with us. I don’t want that. That’s what’s gonna happen if one of us go back down there and start raiding places! And, why?”

“Because… Luthor and that Cadmus group have messed with you, me, Kara… everyone here! You’re seriously going to let him get away with what he did to you…?” she was glad that Clark didn’t glare at her. Tabitha closed her eyes and sighed heavily.

“I can’t do nothing about that; I can’t retaliate. You know what would happen if I did? All hell would break loose! That ain’t the Justice League way and of all people, you should know that! We save the day; we aid justice, not take shit into our own hands!”

“So, why did you confront Luthor in the first place?”

“Really? All I wanted was answers; that was it! I didn’t go there to cause any shit and I damn sure didn’t go there to kill him; I walked the fuck away!!” she fumed and took a step towards Clark, “You wanna sit here and bitch and moan about what all he’s done to you, you wanna tear down everything that he owns? You’re pissed because he and Cadmus are trying to make you, to make the whole damn League look like the bad guys? Well, guess what; he turned me into one! He got into my dreams, Clark! You wanna know the most fucked up thing about that? I don’t remember it. I can’t remember none of what I put Wally and Bruce and J’onn through! So, do I want him to pay for what he did to me? Fuck… yeah! That’s what you wanna hear from me, right?! Fine… yes; I wanna charge up with all of my might and hit him… over and over… and over again! Every time I think about it, it makes me wish I had the power to bring people back to life so that I could kill him over and over and over and over again; that’s how I fucking feel!!” she surprised everyone in the room. A hot tear rolled down to her cheek and she angrily wiped at it, “Do you know what’s stopping me from doing that? I don’t wanna be a villain. Do you…?” she asked seriously. Tabitha hadn’t meant for all of her emotions to come out. However, she figured that it was better that Clark would argue with her instead of J’onn.

Clark opened his mouth to answer but was interrupted by the computer announcing the preparation of the laser cannon firing.

“What the…” Green Arrow mused. Both Tabitha and J’onn went over to the console to see what was going on. Sure enough, the screens were showing a countdown meter.

“It… it went off by itself!” Tabitha panicked. Before the Martian could do anything, Tabitha immediately went to work in trying to override the system. When she became locked out, J’onn took her to the side and tried the same.

“It’s… not accepting the code… we’re being hacked…” his words made Tabitha’s eyes widened. Before she could think, she contacted Tony on her communicator.


“Tell me you didn’t hack into our system, again…”

“… No. What’s…”

“Would you know how to override something?”

“… I would have to be there in person…”

Fuck! Call you back…” she immediately disconnected, “Wasn’t Tee…”

“I know…” J’onn continued to try the override code. Frustrated, he tore into the panel, ripping the wires and circuit board hoping to shut everything down; the laser cannon continued to charge up. Tabitha reached her hand into the mess of wires and released as much of her lightning as she could however nothing worked. Just as Clark went outside to at least redirect the aim of the cannon, it was too late; the laser fired and drained Watchtower of its electricity. Tabitha stared at the dismantled console in horror.

“S-S-So… what was targeted…?” she quietly asked; it was brief however as she was trying to override the system, she noticed that there were coordinates being displayed.

“… I’m pretty sure it was Cadmus headquarters…” J’onn confirmed.

“Oh, fuck… our lives…” she breathed out.

“The force of that impact…” the Martian shook his head but then turned to the others, “We’ll need a rescue team down there…”

“I’m on it!” Wally volunteered and started to gather more volunteers. Bruce slightly shook his head.

“Question is out of commission for a while; I’m going to find out who’s trying to frame us… although I have a clue…” he made his way towards the teleportation pads. Tabitha nodded and started to leave with the group.

“I’m with Wally…”

“No. You stay here. Keep an eye on the control room…” J’onn immediately ordered.

“Wha… but… ain’t much to look after in here… I’d be more useful down there…”

“There is no need for you down on Earth. Wally has his team. You will stay here and make sure no one else decides to leave…” he slightly glanced at Clark and Kara.

“Wait… how the hell am I supposed to do all that?! I’m telling you, Wal…”

“Tabitha, that is an order!” she was absolutely shocked that he would raise his voice at her as well as glare at her, “Stay… here.” he finished. She returned the glare and gave out an agitated huff.

“… Yes, sir…” she bit her tongue to keep from saying more. The Martian left the area, ordering a few others to make sure that everyone else was fine. She stopped glaring at him and put her attention on Clark and Kara, “I don’t wanna fight either of you… but let it be known I won’t back down if I have to…”

“I would never expect you to.” Clark nodded. When she saw that the two were not going to move anywhere, she turned away and sighed.

“I’m sorry… for what I said earlier…”

“Why? You meant it. And… you’re right. We shouldn’t act like bullies just because we have super powers.”

“… I know that he’s a criminal mastermind or whatever but… a couple of things that Luthor told me… I kinda felt that he had a right to feel…” Tabitha shrugged, “I think that… every civilian thought about it once or twice: what happens if they go rogue? Call him what you want but… even if he’s just pretending to be concerned, he’s a voice of the people; whoever plays that role is brilliant.”

“It’s what he does best; manipulate people…” Clark shrugged. Tabitha nodded and then put her attention on Kara. The Cadmus organization was equipped adequately enough to produce clones of powerful superheroes. She didn’t think of herself as being that powerful; Tabitha knew that she was strong enough to become a potential threat. It made her wonder what Cadmus would have done to her if Luthor had successfully convinced her to join him.

Her thoughts were interrupted as she heard a phone ringing. Looking towards the dismantled console, Tabitha’s eyes widened as she realized what was ringing; the emergency line that the President had access to.

“Oh, dear God… please let that be Tee…” she mumbled as she slowly picked up the receiver, “M-Mr. President…”

“Wait; who is this? Where is J’onn J’onzz?!” he bellowed out, making Tabitha swear in her mind.

“T-This is Tabitha, sir. J’onn is check…”

“There better be a damn good reason why you decided to fire a nuclear laser without me knowing about it…”

“Sir, we had nothing to do with that, please believe me! Our system was hacked…”

“Hacked?! Who on God’s green earth has the ability to hack your station?! Shouldn’t you have some sort of alien firewall for something like that?!” he continued. Tabitha bit her lip; after Tony’s playful hack, she had every intention on upgrading the system, “What’s being done about this?”

“We’ve already sent a recovery team down, sir. After the power returns, we can do a full investigation…”

“So, what am I supposed to tell the people of Earth, Tabitha?”

“… That we had nothing to do with this, sir…”

“Until I get actual proof of that, my hands are tied! I need a few of you down here, in D.C. now!” he ordered and ended the call. Tabitha bit her lip as she hung up and looked at the group.

“The President…” J’onn asked and she slowly nodded.

“Uh… to say that he ain’t happy is putting it lightly… he pretty much just asked for heads on platters…”

“Understandable. I guess… we give him what he wants…” Clark nodded.

“To see us surrender willingly should be a good gesture to the public.” Diana chimed in. Tabitha shook her head and looked at J’onn.

“It’s gonna make us look guilty!”

“So would not doing anything at all. Seeing us under arrest will calm them down, at least until the real culprit is caught.” John agreed with Diana. Tabitha crossed her arms and sighed heavily.

“So, that’s the decision?”

“Yes. We cooperate with what the President wants. Kara… hold down the fort[2].” Clark announced. Kara nodded and headed out of the control room as the founding members turned to leave, teleporting themselves down to Earth. Before Tabitha could get to the teleportation pads, J’onn gently grabbed her arm.

“Where are you going?”

“You heard ‘em; we’re turning ourselves…”

“Not you; you’re staying here.”

“… Is that another order…sir?” her jaw slightly twitched as she spoke.

“Tabitha…” J’onn sighed.

“No; you listen here: I know the controls of Watchtower like the back of my hand, now! It could’ve very well had been me who pulled the trigger; wouldn’t it make sense if I was there as well?!”

“I know. But, that’s the very reason why I need for you to stay here. I’m assigning you as temp Monitor.” he surprised her. She stared almost blankly at him.

“… What…?”

“You’ve been trained well enough to handle it on your own. Assist Kara in any way that you can; she’s first in command… and you’re second. I have to go.”

“W-Wait! What do I do…?” she asked. He slightly smiled and caressed her cheek. She was surprised yet again as he pulled her in closer, planting a tender kiss on her lips.

“Use your instincts.” he told her before teleporting himself. She nodded and turned to look for Kara as well as other Justice League members. She found the girl by the infirmary.

“Still keeping an eye on me?” she lifted an eyebrow. Tabitha gave her a surprised look but shook her head.

“You’re in charge, now. I gotta figure out what to do about Watchtower…”

“Oh… that means we’re working together, then. What do you need, Tabitha?” she asked. Tabitha had to think for a moment. What needed to be done? Everything, she almost rolled her eyes.

“Well… everyone needs to be told who’s in charge of what. I… I need to get communications back up to tell Wally and Bruce of the others’ plans… as well as find out what’s happening with the rescue mission.” she went back to the control room. She immediately went to work on the destroyed panel, “After we get the power restored, I can see if I can disable the laser for right now…” she continued. Kara slightly smiled and nodded.

“I’ll go get you some help…”

“Thanks.” she found it slightly weird to take control without J’onn or the others being there. As she attempted to get communications back up, she realized that she had taken for granted all that the Martian actually did. Then again, this was a special circumstance, she realized.

It took Tabitha and her team of help only ten minutes to restore communications. She immediately dispatched herself to Wally.


“Yeah. How are things going with the rescue mission?”

“Fortunately, no deaths. A couple of serious injuries. Wait… why are you doing J’onn’s job…?”

“He… they turned themselves in. To show or try to prove that they’re innocent…”

“All of the founding members did…?”

“Yeah. Except for Bruce but I’m gonna contact him next.”

“Alright. It’s reasonable; everyone’s lost their trust in us. We got to win it back…”

“Agreed. Give someone else the lead and go.”

“You know what; I like you as Monitor!” he ended transmission, making the lightning woman blush. She contacted Bruce and told him about everything; the two were being patched through his communication system in the Batwing.

“So, you’re telling me to turn myself in…? You’re about as bad as that Martian…”


“I can’t do that, Tabitha. I have to get to the bottom of this; no one else will do it if we’re all locked up…”

“… Fine…”

“Hmm… I like this; no argument…” he smiled. She rolled her eyes.

“You have seniority over me… plus, you’re right. Go get the bastard… but you make sure you report back in and let me know something!”

“Yes, ma’am…” he smirked. She narrowed her eyes at him as he ended transmission. Part of her job was done: communications were back up, everyone else on Watchtower were being told who was in charge and she had spoken to two Justice League members. Tabitha told herself that she would start working on restoring the power; she had high hopes that since communications were quickly restored, the rest of the power would be back soon.

Forty minutes later, Tabitha and the others had the power restored. She sighed in relief and debated on what to work on next. She had told Kara that she would disarm the laser however another agenda came into mind; she wanted to check on the founding members. She started to mentally prepare her speech for the President until the Watchtower systems started to go off.

“Shit; what now?!” she glared at the screens. She was taken by disbelief of the warning system showing missiles heading towards the space station, “Fuck… me… KAAAAAARRRRAAA!!” she was glad that the girl was a replica of Clark; she appeared in seconds besides Tabitha, “We got missiles heading our way; twelve of ‘em!”


“I don’t know what they’re gonna do… but we gotta tell everyone to brace for impact…” she was glad that the communication system was up; she didn’t know how long it would’ve took Kara to notify everyone aboard. She quickly made the announcement as well as telling the civilian workers to immediately take shelter. Seconds later, the collision of twelve missile heads were felt as they bored into the hull of the station.

“Sounds like it hit close to the reactor room. I’ll go check on it.” Kara volunteered.

“I’ll check on the others.” Tabitha told her as the two made their way to investigate. Going around the corner, the two were met by what Tabitha could only describe as an all out battle; several League members were fighting other superheroes who looked as though they had been cloned in groups of five.

“Ultimen!” Kara exclaimed. Tabitha looked at her.

“Ulti… what?”

“I’ll explain later; looks like that’s what those missiles were really carrying…”

“Alright; leave ‘em to the rest of us: go check on the reactor! Wait… what we dealing with?”

“Water, air, electricity and self manipulation, and animal shifting…” Kara flew away.

“… Electricity, huh…?” Tabitha smiled at the Ultimen clones, “Piece of cake!” she did a Lightning Cloud towards a group and made quick work of them. She soon found out that the clones were attacking mindlessly at the League members; although the civilian workers were told to take shelter, they too were fighting the clones, warding them off. Tabitha made her way to the infirmary, only to see Captain Atom, Huntress and Question fighting off three of the clones. Charging up with all of her might, Tabitha released her lightning towards the clones, knocking all three unconscious.

“What are you doing; you two are still injured…” she slightly glared at the two men.

“I’ll be fine. Where’s… Kara?” Captain Atom asked.

“Reactor room.”

“I’ll go and help…”

“Not alone; I’m coming with you. Huntress…” she stopped the woman dead in her tracks, “Take care of the infirmary area; Question is in no condition to be fighting…” Tabitha ordered. With a slight smile, Huntress nodded as Tabitha and Captain Atom made their way to the reactor room.

“It may not be safe for you down there…”

“You’ll protect me, right…?” she winked, “Look, I’m second in command; no way in hell I’m gonna let Kara do this alone!”

“… The lieutenant protecting the captain…” Atom slightly smiled at her. Tabitha nodded her head and smirked.

“Damn right!”

As the two reached the reactor room, Captain Atom immediately shoved Tabitha out of the way in time as the steel door flew into the adjacent wall. As she gathered her senses, she could hear Kara arguing with someone else. Tabitha got a glance at who Kara was talking to and slightly gasped. When Question told her that Cadmus had cloned Kara, she had no idea what to expect. The other woman was indeed a near clone; instead of blue eyes, the clone had piercing green ones. Her white outfit was more mature than Kara’s, a long-sleeved one piece with a hole in the middle to show her cleavage. She clearly had the upper hand on Kara; Tabitha and Captain Atom immediately put themselves in the fight. Tabitha soon realized that looks weren’t the only thing that was copied; the clone proved to have the same abilities as Kara as she punched Tabitha in the square of her jaw, sending her flying across the room. Captain Atom met the same fate, landing near Tabitha.

“Exactly like Superman…”

“So, it seems…” Tabitha groaned, rubbing her jaw. The clone ignored them and continued to go after Kara. They were all caught by surprise when she started to laugh.

“You know… no matter how bad you beat me… nothing changes the fact that I’m real… and you’re a clone.[3]” she taunted.

“S-Shut up…[4]” the clone stuttered. Kara smiled as the clone hit her yet again.

“And, deep down… you know this. You’re not a real person; you’re just a weapon! Grown out of one of Hamilton’s petri dishes![5]”

“SHUT… UP!!![6]” it raged. However, Kara dodged her attack and ripped out one of the large power couplings in the room. Before the clone could attack yet again, Kara rammed the power plug into her stomach, electrocuting the clone. Tabitha and Captain Atom stood beside Kara, watching as her clone’s body twitched uncontrollably.

“See… told J’onn that taunting helps!” Tabitha smirked, “Did she have a name?”

“… Galatea. You can… fix that… right…?” Kara nodded towards the damaged coupling. Tabitha narrowed her eyes at it and sighed.

“Yeah, sure; no problem: it’s only a power source to somewhere…” she mumbled, making Kara laugh and put her arm around her shoulder.

“Hey; I couldn’t make second in command an easy task for you!”


[1] Paraphrased from Justice League Unlimited episode “Flashpoint”

[2] Taken from Justice League Unlimited episode “Panic In The Sky”

[3] Paraphrased from Justice League Unlimited episode, “Panic In The Sky”

[4]-[6] Taken from Justice League Unlimited episode “Panic In The Sky”

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