•Gone Forever•

It's been a month since Harry died. Everybody lost there minds


1. flash back

Amelia's POV.....

"Ame it's not what it looks like!" He says as he pushes the girl off of him. It was his birthday and I came back to Harry and my place to the boys around him and the chick stripping on Harry. I know he was suppose to has fun on his birthday but not like this!?

"Really Harry? Your so fucking sick! And I hope you have a happy birthday alone for the rest of your life." We were engaged so I threw the ring at him and left slamming the door hearing him come behind me without a jacket and it was still snowing in February.

He beat me to the car not letting me open it.

"Move Harry." I say tear after tear slipping out of my eyes. "Ame please I love you more than words can explain please don't leave me I love you so much I'm so sorry it wasn't my idea it was Louis' please listen to me! Please! I'd rather lose my life than lose you, you are my everything Amelia..." I look at him still in the freezing cold asking for a worthless girl like me back. But then I hear drunk Louis open the door and yell out. "Come on hharry Channel is wanting youuu!!!"

And that pissed me off. "Get out of my life forever and go die take him with you. Now move!" And I push him when he wasn't using his strength to hold the door. And I get inside and I drive away as fast as possible. And I didn't look back.

-Next Morning-

I wake up at Leigh-Anne's house. Yes the girl from little mix. And I brush my teeth with a spare toothbrush and I look at myself in the mirror scared of my own look. I looked like a train wreck after last night who wouldn't. And to be honest I want him back more than anything in the world. I walk downstairs taking my phone with me seeing Jesy, Leigh-Anne, and her boyfriend Jordan all on the couch.

"Morning guys." I say a little dull.

"Morning; Hey Love; Morning Lia." They all say together. "What's for breakfast and thank you Leigh so much for letting me stay." She comes in the kitchen with hers and Jordan's empty bowls that had cereal in them and she puts them in the sink. "Your welcome I'm always available to help my best friends out." And she hugs me from the side and goes back to sit on Jordan's lap watching tv.

I check my phone and it had over one hundred messages over ninety calls and voicemails. And all from Harry and one from Louis. I ignored Louis' and read Harry's and they were all saying how much he loves me to death and how sorry he was. I was really starting to feel so horrible that it was bringing tears to my eyes.

"Amelia you okay?" Jesy says. And before I answered my phone buzzed and I got a call from 'unknown'.

I pressed answer and said 'Hello?' slowly and this person says. "Is this Mrs. Amelia Styles?" I was gonna say no but instead I said. "Yes, yes it is what's wrong? Who's this?"

"This is the front desk Hospital calling because your husband has been in a horrible car accident and-" I cut the woman off saying quickly. "ILL BE THERE NOW!!"

I ended the call and threw on a jacket and some shoes I don't care who's shoes but I just put them on. I run outside with my car keys and Jesy yells out. "AMEILA WHAT'S GOING ON?!?"

"H-Harry was in a car ac-accident I h-have to be there!" I say back scared as ever I could barley put the car keys in the engine to start the car because I was shaking so much but as soon as I did I zoomed down to the hospital as fast as my foot could press down on that petal to go. So much was going through my mind I couldn't think straight.

I arrived at the hospital and I see Liam, Zayn, Perrie, Niall, Eleanor, and Louis. "W-Where's Harry. WHERE IS HE! I HAVE TO SEE HIM!! LET ME GO ZAYN!" Zayn was holding me back as I tried to go in ICU room were the doctors were working on him. As I kept fighting Zayn he just holds me tighter and I just give up and we end up on the floor with me crying in his chest and him hugging me. "It's gonna be alright." He says trying to calm me. "It's all my fault Zayn.... If I wouldn't broken up with him... I-I was just so angry... I was so angry.." I say putting my face in my hands. "Let's get you to a seat love." Zayn says.

I sit between Zayn and Niall. And it's been two hours and I kept on bursting into tears in Zayn's chest. Perrie got angry because she think he doesn't do that the her a blah, blah, blah and she walks out and leaves and before Zayn follows her he looks back at me with a worried look and I say. "Go get her Zayn." And he runs out.

Then Leigh, Jesy, and Jordan came back with some food and something to drink from Starbucks all I needed was coffee.

Two hours pass it's Leigh, her boyfriend, Jesy, and Jade go home along with Liam and Sophia but Liam said he'll come in the morning.

It's now 3:00am and I'm asleep on Niall's shoulder but Louis wakes me up and Niall and says. "I'm gonna take El home. You good with staying together?"

I look at Niall and he looks back at me and intertwine our hand together and gives a little smile and says. "Yeah we'll be okay for now. See you in the morning."

"Alrighty." Louis says and walks out with Eleanor. I'm still angry at Louis for thinking that getting him a stripper for his birthday wouldn't break us up.

I look at Niall and say. "Thank you. For staying with me. You're the best Niall." He kisses my forehead like Harry would always do and I was on the edge of tears but I kept in inside and he says. "Of course darling. I'll always be here for you."

And I lay my head down on his shoulder and he lays his head on top of mine putting his arm around me holding me close and I close my eyes and fall asleep.

-1 hour and a half-

"Miss... Mrs. Styles." The nurse says. I jump up quickly waking up Niall and I get up my eyes blood shot red and she takes a deep breath and I say. "Where is he!? WHERE IS HE I NEED TO SEE HI-"

"He's dead..." The nurse says slowly it was so unbelievable to even believe. "What!" I say my eyes wide. "We tried everything we could but it was to late. I'm so sorry."

I run my hair through my head and started to breathe heavily soon as you know it hot tears where streaming down my face. And I fell to the floor. "This can't be happening right now there should be something!! You must have the wrong person!!!" Niall says getting louder.

"Sir! We tried everything we could." She says putting her hands on his chest to push him back. I then here laughing and it sounded like Louis walking in.

"It was you!" I say as I get up walking in his direction he looks at me with a confused look but before he could say anything I had him against the wall with my arm on his neck. "ITS YOUR FAULT ALL OF THIS EVEN STARTED!!! WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?!? AND NOW HE'S DEAD! IF I WOULDN'T GOTTEN ANGRY AT HIM!" Everybody tried to pull me back and by everybody I mean Liam, Niall and a police officer. When they finally did Liam had a grip of me and I say. "Because of you.... This is all your fault. Go to hell Louis Tomlinson."

"Take her out of here." The nurse says. "I will." Niall says and he puts his arm around me and I look back at a broken Louis on the ground trying to breathe again with his eyes red and wide. And we leave. And that was the worst time of my life.

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