Many years have gone by since she had last seen Kellin Bostwick, or rather Kellin Quinn. The front man of Sleeping With Sirens.

It was nothing but a rocky ending between the two, so she decides she's going to try and avoid him and his band at all costs. She was only at Warped to do her job, not bring up her past and crush her heart even more


1. Sypnosis

"I've been thinking lately about you and me,

And all the questions left unanswered,

How it all could be.

And I hope you know,

You never left my head,

And if I ever let you down,

I'm sorry. "

The words flooded through the speakers as soon as I walked past the stage, causing me to freeze. I know that voice. I would know it anywhere.

Because, it's him. The guy I fell in love with many years ago. Now he's here. At Warped tour.

Looks like my summer just became 10 times worse.

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