The Clock is Striking 12's

This story is about the 12th Doctor who is being played by Peter Capaldi who has took over from Matt Smith who is the eleventh doctor. This story takes you through how the doctor copes with his new body and how him and Clara are dealing with getting to know each other again. The only problem is The Doctor has two problems, first he doesnt know how to fly the Tardis and second he doesn't remember who he is. So when he has questions for Clara about who he is will she be able to tell the truth or will she lie?


2. Chapter 2

Shock washes over her face and I wait a while before I repeat “Who am I?”, time passes again and this time I let her wait a while. She then finally speaks “Let me show you” and she reaches he hand out for mine and I take it, she leads me down towards one of the corridors. After walking down the corridor taking many twists and turns we finally reach an old wooden double door. "What is behind those doors?" "Who you are and who you will become" she replies "But who am I supposed to become?" "The Doctor" With that I reach for the old fashioned door knobs and twist them and push them both open to find a room filled with row after row filled with books of my past, my home, my life they are all about the Doctor. The girl then walks in front of me leading the way to which book I must read first to discover who I am. She makes a quick left turn leading down to a dead end and where the wall stops there is a book, a book that is thicker than I have ever seen and engraved on the cover is the title Time Lords. I give a puzzling look to the girl who is now behind me “Read it it will help you remember” she says “Thanks erm...” I say struggling to find her name. "Clara. Clara Oswald." "Thanks Clara" With that she gives me a smile and turns back round and walk back down the hall and leaves the library. I sigh as I place my hand over the book then tracing around the words, before opening it up on page one. Clara's POV: I pace backwards and forwards in the main room, thinking about what the Doctor said to me before he regenerated. How he says that we all change throughout our lives, but this Doctor is not him... He's older, he's gone grey, he moves slower, he's lost his memory and he's not my Doctor. 'Yes he is' my subconscious reminds me but I push her back. I'm not in the mood to be told things that I know are true but at the same time don't want them to be. My mind races with so many questions, 'Will he remember me?' 'Does he remember anything' 'Is he the same man I once knew' 'Will he hate his past?' 'Will he send me home?' and most importantly 'Is he the same?'. I sit down on the stairs exhausted through all the tears. I look down at my own feet to distract me as I feel tears begin to threaten to fall down, but it doesn't work and I break down into sobs. After a few minutes a hand is placed on my shoulder and I jump and see that its the Doctor but his eyes are red and has blood shot eyes. "Are you ok?" He asks "Yeah, yes I'm fine." I reply forcing a smile on my face "So do you remember?" I ask eager to know the answer "Yes I remember everything... I remember the Daleks, The Clockwork People, The Slitheen, The Stars, The Cybermen, my home." "Oh." Is all I manage to say Sometime passes and were both in the same position but not saying a word, I look to the Doctor and I can tell he wants to say something but doesn't and with a single word he jumps up and walks straight to the control pannel and starts to drive the Tardis before saying "I'm a Timelord, I'm over 2000 years old, I come form the planet Gallifrey and I'm a danger to you Clara." he finally says "What? No your not" I say bluntly "Yes I am." "Why would you even consider to think that?" "Because over my 2000 years, I have lost you more than twice." He says looking straight at me, his eyes burning into mine. "Yes but... you won't loose me this time. I'm staying here with you." "I'm not going to take that risk. I have lost too many people in my life, and you have done so much for me. So your going home, where I can't add you to my list of burying you because of me..." he replies now looking down at the odd controls. Before I can answer the Tardis starts acting out of the ordinary again, tossing and turning us both in different directions making us unable to stand up properly. After some time of the Tardis acting strange it finally stops. Both the Doctor and are both on the floor now, and before I can ask what happened the Doctor races for the door to see where we are and I follow swiftly behind calling his name. As soon as I opened those doors I immediately wish I didn't step outside of the Tardis because as soon as I stepped out the Doctor was to my left and right in front of me was at least 50 people pointing loaded guns at us. "Looks like the Calvary is here" he whispers to me "No kidding!" I say back I close the door behind me and step next to the Doctor with my arms in the air showing that I don't have any weapons and that I surrender. A voice in the distance shouts something that makes all the men with guns stop pointing at us, and through the crowd of men three people join us and I think I would of rather been shot than what was about to happen...
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