Minecraft Guide

Welcome to the minecraft guide!
If u have any other this you would like to know then put it in the comments!


1. Welcome to a Minecraft Guide

Welcome to the Mincraft Guide. 


Welcome to the Minecraft Guide where you can learn craft or need help with Mincraft then you can ask or read!  It is quite easy to settle in you would think but when I did it was hard!  If your a beginner you must know that there are monsters!

Creepers: a creeper is green and follows you and explodes when near!

zombie: zombies will follow you and hit you and they turn villagers into zombies!

Skeleton: a skeleton holds a bow and arrow to shoot you from far far away, they also can be seen riding a spider!

Spider: spiders like to hang around in caves but that Is not where they always stay!

Endermen: Endermen are the most dangerous of all! They follow you once you look at them or hit them! They will chase you and teleport and there is no way to escape except for making or having a two block high mini house, because they are three blocks high!

Silverfish: silverfish May seem cute or like a pet but they aren't! They are vicious little hings and attack each other! They also hide behind or in bricks even in the water ready to approach !

And they are the monsters of the hmm lets say green lands above world!

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