Minecraft Guide

Welcome to the minecraft guide!
If u have any other this you would like to know then put it in the comments!


2. Nether

If you are on xbox, PS3, etc, you can go to the nether you can on PE aswell but it's only a little room! If you go to the nether there are dangerous monsters! Ghast: A Ghast shoots flaming rocks at you and to dodge it you get a sword defend yourself and you can hit the Ghast back and kill it! Zombie Pigmen: Zombie Pigmen are like wolfs because if you hit them they all will attack you and they have always a golden sword! If you kill a Zombie Pigmen you can get a golden sword or just gold ingots! Magna Cubes: Magna Cubes are like Slimes they try and squash you. The only different is they are made out of fire! Withers: Withers are like skeletons but black and taller! They protect the fortresses in the nether and if they see you then they will attack! When they hit you you are poisoned and you will start to die. If you kill them you will get a iron sword or a Withers skull or Iron! Blaze: Blazes spit fire at you and when you are close enough they will hit you. If you hit them of the fortress you might think that's the end but it's not because they can fly! So they are quite a challenge I have to say! That's that then the nether monsters!!!
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