Me and Ed😍💕

Ed was my one true love, and he was my bestfriend since the day we met.


1. Meeting up☺️

It was just a usual day, I sat in the coffee shop watching the rain drop onto the window sill.

A read car pulled up right outside the shop, A man walked in with his hood up and glasses on, as he pulled his hood off his head, the ginger hair blazed out like a fire, his blue eyes shone like diamonds as he looked into my eyes...

He walked over and said "can I sit here?", "Yes," I said smiling "of course". He put two coffees on the table and pushed one towards me, I smiled and giggled.

*Phone rings* "Ok I'll be outside waiting in a minute" he said ending the call,

"I have to leave, could I give you my number?" He added it into my phone and I added mine to his. He waved and smiled as he left. I was in love, I didn't know who he was, but whoever this man was I was in love...

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