that disney boy || larry

"it all starts where dreams come true."


2. ♛ one ♛

"Mummy!" Harry ran into the room, his feet carrying to his mother. "Can we go to the pool, please?"

Anne Styles laughed at her son, smiling down at the small boy that had a smile on his face larger than a Cheshire cat grin. He was looking up at her with big green hopeful eyes, wanting nothing more than to visit the big boy pool he had seen when they first arrived. "Of course we can, Har-Bear."

Harry's mother stood to her feet, walking towards her bedroom on the opposite side of the hotel room. Harry followed behind his mother like that one duckling that walked too close. As Anne stopped, Harry bumped into the back of her legs, landing with a thud on his bum. When his mother turned around, she simply laughed at the sight, handing the little Cheshire boy his bathing suit.

Harry rushed to the bathroom, only to stumble back out later. He ran to his room, grabbing his pirate hat that his mother was more than happy to buy for him when they first landed in Orlando. "Mummy, mummy!"

The little boy ran back into the main room, thrusting the cap into Anne's hands before jumping on the couch next to her, "You ready to go, baby?"

Harry nodded enthusiastically, bouncing up and down on the soft cushions. "Alright, alright, let's go then - Gemma?!"

As the two walked to the door, a young girl with pin straight hair ran out in her own bathing suit. The trio stepped into the elevator, Harry scrunching his nose at the sight of his sister's outfit. "Mummy, why does Gemma where stuff like that?"

"Like what Harry?" Anne asked, looking at Gemma's suit to see if there was something wrong with it - she found nothing.

"She covers her tummy." Harry pointed out, "Why doesn't she just where what I'm wearing?"

Gemma rolled her eyes at her brother's ridiculous question, "Because I'm a girl, Harry."

Harry stuck his tongue out at Gemma, to which Gemma responded with the same gesture. The two glared at each other with a playful hatred before Harry spoke up, "Well, I don't like girls."

Both females laughed as they exited the elevator, walking towards the pool, "Oh you will, baby, you will." Anne tugged on Harry's hand as they kept walking.

"Not if they're anything like Gemma." Harry retorted, smiling innocently at his now offended sister. Gemma scoffed, walking in front of Harry like a little princess the way any 8 year old girl would. 

"Fine then, baby brother. Don't like girls, see if I care." She huffed, crossing her arms.

"Fine then, I will."

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