A poem about bullying. Completely from my imagination so it's not true, but hopefully it's believable enough :)


1. Betrayal


I push my way through the crowd,
A boat amongst an ocean,
A human before the universe,
Footsteps pounding, sounding, around me.

Voices screech through the shallow hallway,
Echo after echo after echo,
Trails of hatred flooding forward,
Whacking me out of my shell.

Words obliterate my mind,
Creating an anger cloud, surrounding me,
Shattering and conquering the good,
For evil overcomes anything left.

And as I head in through the familiar doorway,
The doorway to sleep, relaxation, family,
I'm left feeling nothing but betrayal,
Yet people I love still surround me.

Ignoring the comments, the questions,
I run to my room and hide from the danger,
The danger lashing from each human being,
What people think is fine; their words are nothing but it.

Shoving the photos, the diaries, the artwork to the side,
Memories can be burned by anger,
The past just a long gone enemy,
The future another long trek ahead.

But I hear the familiar thundering sound,
Of footsteps flailing up the stairs,
Wanting to 'care' for me, 'see' to me,
But no one really knows me at all.

So I fall, helplessly, through the air,
A feather eventually meeting the surface, 
Flat against the cold-ridden ground,
Like a corpse in a tomb, I lie.

Except I feel pain.


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