The Movellas Ambassadors Book: Introducing the Ambassadors of 2014!

Do you want to know more about the ambassadors of Movellas? Then you have the right book. Meet the ambassadors of 2014-2015.


15. Introducing Ahlaam Nightshade

Username: Ahlaam Nightshade
Name: Ahlaam, also known by a variety of others: Laami, Llama, the Ahlaam Shake, Lamia, Lizard Woman from the Dawn of Time.
Age: How old do you think I am?
Country: England.

At what age did you start writing? 
Around the age of six, I used to love writing stories and poems at school. 

What inspired you to start writing? 
As a victim of bullying and alexithymia (the inability to express emotions to others), writing is the only way for me to relieve myself into another person, and escape to another world when things go bad. These reasons, accompanied with my thoughts that the world should never be void of stories or means of escape. It wouldn’t fair to humanity. 

How do you beat writer’s block? 
Well, writer’s block is something that, in the end, cures itself, but something that will lessen the impact and shorten how long you have the infection for is walking.
Yes, walking. As someone who is ridiculously unathletic, I know what you’re thinking, but walking somewhere wide and open, but away from urban happenings and people is a very effective way of clearing your head and getting inspired. Also, reading. A writer can only write as much as they read, so constantly read.

Do you consider writing to be a serious career choice?
That’s a really hard question.
I think that writing is a career that needs to be balanced with another. For example, I want to do something to do with writing, teaching and/or the film/media industry, so my ideal job would be journalism, English/History teaching, photography/filmography, Screenwriting or Acting (including a performing poet). With all of these careers, you can write on the side, with the job as a back-up. Once you finish your first book, you could get an offer and a deadline for another from a publisher, and so you could take a job which you can fit writing into.

What advice would you give to a first-time writer?
Remember to keep a calm and clear head. They will most certainly be times in which you want to pull your hair out of your head (done that, not a good choice), so when those times come, and other times that may be worse, remember the good times in the end. Letting go of characters and storyline is one of the most emotional times a writer will go through. Keep calm, carry on, and remember: read. Never stop reading. Never stop learning. Never stop adventuring. 

What’s your advice for the next ambassadors after you?
If you care about this website, show that you do. Stay strong, the drama will annoy and test you, but remember what you’re aiming for. Be helpful, organised and kind, even if the person you are trying to assist isn’t. Remember: if you see erotica, report. If you see hate, report. If you see advertising, report.

What’s your motivation to be ambassador? 
My motivation comes from the great Movellians past. They were so inspirational, so determined, but in the end, they couldn’t make it. I hope to help make this site as united as it once was and more, reduce the drama and hate, and encourage the love for words. This is for Vesp and Gilray, for Scarlet Lark and Prince Jang, and more. For those who went through NoMovellas December, and for those who fought to rid the website of erotica. This is for them. And this is also for every single person on this brilliant website, who make me smile every day. 
*coughs*faints*accidently punches person next to me*

What's the most embarrassing moment of your life so far?
Um, wow, that’s hard (because I embarrass myself more than I say “I” xD). Probably when I was first moved to the UK, I was asking a sales’ assistant something, and I kept on going “what?” because I couldn’t understand the accent. Then, I just walked away, and the poor guy stood there in the middle of Primark completely confused. xD

What's gotten you into writing?
Simply, reading has. I’ve always read, since I knew how to read. From the age of four until the age of seven, I had an obsession with comics (still do). I used to read the old Beano’s and Dandy’s of my mum, from back in the 1960’s. I wanted to create those stories, so I am.

What's your favorite genre of books and films?
My favourite book genres are mystery and suspense, historical fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, adventure, thriller, and horror (sorry, I can’t choose XD). Films, it’d be psychological thrillers, horror, comedy, fantasy/sci-fi.

What's your favorite film?
Very, very hard. Maybe The Butterfly Effect? Or V for Vendetta?

What got you into reading?
My parents did. My mum used to read to us all the time, from newspapers or books she was reading. Just little excerpts. But they really affected me, it seems. xD

What age did you start reading?
I knew how to read from the age of four, and I really just haven’t stopped.

Favourite Band, singer? 
Ayy, hard! Um, Muse, Bastille, Queen, Radiohead, Aersosmith and A Great Big World for bands. Ed Sheeran, Michael Buble . . . um . . . Lorde . . . ?

Favourite song? 
Again, you guys like the hard questions, don’t you? xD 
Just by Radiohead, Say Something by A Great Big World or Flaws by Bastille?

What music inspires you?
The kind of music that makes people shiver and wonder what they are doing with life.

Can you give the new movellians or old movellians some advice?
New movellians: Hey there! Welcome to Movellas! I'm a lizardllama serial killer from the dawn of time. I like ice cream. If you need any help, have any questions or queries, or just want a chat, don't hesitate to let me (or anyone, not all bite) know. :) I hope you like this website as much as I do!
Oh, and we’re all insane here. It’s awesome. We also unite in our love for writing.
Old movellians: Guys, I know there are times when you want to leave, but as a wise Movellian says: if everyone leaves, who’s going to stay to fix the problem? (DramaticLlama Nightshade) So remember who you are. You are a wordsmith, so hang in there. :)

Do you have some advice for people who want to apply as ambassador?
Be yourself, answer honestly and portray a true love for this website and writing. All will go well.

What's your favourite quote?
“I have hated words, and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right.” Markus Zusak, The Book Thief. Also, the quote on my profile, and: “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” –Unknown.
I can never pick just one, can I? Lord help me when I have to choose which story to update. xD

Advice for bullied, who gives up fighting to be happy? 
I know it’s hard. I know it hurts. But from the core of my soul, you can do it. Stay strong. Remember who you are, don’t let your identity slip away. You are a person with a life and you can achieve so much with it. Hold your head high, proclaim yourself and don’t take in what they say.
You are beautiful, intelligent, smart. And worthy of happiness.

Best childhood memory?
Seeing snow for the first time.

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