One day this girl named sage moved to a new school and she couldn't make no friends but this guy named harry styles became friends with her harry cheered sage up and made her happy all the time but harry had a secret he had a crush on sage.but until a couple days later she quit school to go to the x-factor but when she auditioned to sing but simon put her with this guy named luke hemmings sang with her and they were two singers but harry was their to watch her sing but harry saw Luke and harry knew him from middle school but Luke had a crush on sage to so sage has to pick one person?! *coming soon*


1. meet the characters!


Sage is a shy loving and caring person she has green eyes and light brown hair she loves animals and she likes boys that are caring and cuddly her favorite thing to do is sing she does not have a lot of friends her favorite color is purple her favorite animal is a rabbit!


Harry is and caring and is a kind person he has a secret crush on sage he likes girls that are funny and loving his favorite thing to do is sing he is in a band called one direction it is a boy band his favorite animal is a cat his favorite color is blue and likes to play sports!


Luke is a very caring and loving person he has a crush on sage he loves to sing mostly with sage he used to be in a band called five seconds of summer but he quit that band and moved on to sing with sage he likes girls that are cuddly and caring his favorite color is green his favorite animal is a dog and likes to hang out with friends!

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