Alone. Scared. Mental. Drake and Kate, friends, although people don't know it. To them there is no Drake. To Kate, he's all to real. When he starts getting stronger, Kate becomes even more frightened. How can she break their friendship? And when it gets all too much, how will she cope? What will be the effect? And how powerful can Drake truly be...

Cover credit goes to River_Summers for her fantastic cover!


1. Chapter 1 (Jade.P)


That's what everyone calls her when she walks past. Or even if she's sitting down. The word hits her hard and sharp, like a shooting bullet. It makes her wonder what a freak is. A human? A physco mutant? Some sort of deranged thing? Kate had no clue.

To her she was normal. She looked normal too, slightly lame for her age, but normal. Fuzzy green cardigan decorated with the mini static balls that stick to them, faded jeans that are too big, scuffed black trainers.

What was freaky about that? Was it the fact that she sometimes nibbled nervously on the end of the sleeves? The fact that she constantly has to haul up her jeans? That her trainers were cheap from the local sports shop?

Kate didn't understand why nobody could accept her. Despite her family, shooting occasional weary and tiresome looks at her, she had no friends. Why? She had no friends, everybody just found her strange. Mumbling things under their breath, yelling rude words at her, judging her.

Did everybody have to judge her? Just by what she wore she was discriminated and that hurt her. Wherever she went, she could see people looking at her, laughing together. Were they laughing at her? Kate longed to just be in one of those groups. To be able to sit there and have fun. To gossip about news and fashion and to laugh and joke.

Why she longed so much for that she didn't know, all she knew was that she had no friends. Well, that wasn't entirely true. She had somebody.


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