My Step Brother (Not Famous 16+)


2. meeting him.....

(Ariana's p.o.v.)

I slipped on my black dress and did my makeup and hair I was finally gonna meet my mums fiancé and my soon to be step brother I put in my heels and grabbed my purse. I walked down stairs and my mum was already walking out the door I locked the door and hopped into the car and we drove off.


(Liam's p.o.v.)

My dad was going on and on about his fiancé and how she had a daughter but I really didn't care I didn't even want to be here but I promised my dad I would "behave" pshh

(Ariana's p.o.v.)

We entered the restaurant and my mum walked over to a man and kissed him....I'm guessing that was her fiancé then a tall boy stood up and introduced himself to my mum he was pretty tall had a lot of piercings and tattoos he was wearing a white v-neck with a leather jacket and black skinny jeans and combat boots. My mum motioned me over and I introduced myself and the boys name was Liam. He seemed like the bad boy type....I'm staying away from him.....

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