cursed to love

a twist of the greek myth calypso


1. my first death



Here i am sitting on an island alone with my turtles.Then i see a unusual boat so i get ready to attack the people who dock on my island. then i notice them leaving just then i think i can rest.then there is a man with swim trunks on and he walks to me i notice him sparkling and i think to myself great ! i go into my hut and hope he will i will not allow this to happen again! He comes in anyway there is an injured girl he name athena. Im only 16 i don't know what to do i say to him. He says trust me i do. I can't really remember the whole thing I'm sorry.Its okay you don't have to tell me. Relpies jacob. i wan't to tell you i can't hold it in anymore. I've died 3 times and this was the worst! i look at him and remember the things that would happen i was afraid of loving him i new it would be the same this time if jacob knew i died every time i fall in love he loves me so much he would leave so i lied. So you think u can li to me i here thoughts its okay every time u die i will be right here. I love you! says jacobs.She replied with an i love too and a kiss and went to bed and never woke up knowing that every time she dies she appears in a different body with the same personality...


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