Harry potter after the war

Ever wondered what happened between the end of h war and 19 years later? This is my interpretation of it. Plz like comment and fan! Ily!!!


1. Where next?

"I've had enough trouble for a life time"- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

      As me Ron and hermione made are way into what was left of the great hall we were treated by both tears and joy. We spotted the other weasleys sitting on the stone steps before where the teachers table used to stand so proud. When they saw us they forced a smile and congratulated us, all except George who, understandably, was crying. Ron started to make his way towards him but mrs weasley put her arm out to stop him.

" he's not in the mood dear" she warned us. Then she turned to me. 

" Harry I never knew your parents but I know that they would be so so proud of you"

" mrs. Weasley thank you!" she looked sadly over to her family. 

"Harry....why don't you come and stay with us fo a bit?" 

" mrs weasley are you sure I don't want to intrude"

"nonsense it would be our pleasure"

Then ginny who had been talking with Luna came over

"Harry you were wonderful" she exclaimed before bringing me in for a hug. 

"i think we should go weasleys" mr weasley said "mcgonagall we will come tomorrow to help clear this up" he informed mcgonagall before disapparating leaving the rest of us to follow.

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